She half wailed, “It’s y-your fault—-oh!”

The moment she had spoken, the prince had moved at the same time, and the feeling of his cock sliding out of her was indescribable, its thickness grazing against the walls of her pussy in a way that made her gasp and her fingers dig deeper into his back.

She stared up at him, utterly overwhelmed.

“That good?” the prince purred.


How arrogant he sounded, and yet it just made him a hundred times sexier.

She bit her lip hard instead, refusing to give him an answer that would only make his already huge ego even more inflated.

The prince chuckled, and bending down, he whispered silkily to her ear, “I’m going to make you say it before this night is over.”

The words made her jerk against him, and the prince smiled down at her. “That’s my next promise to you.”

And then he was leaving her no chance to talk, his body moving, and the look in his eyes told her he had no intention of stopping until he had kept his promise.

Ooooooh myyyyyy Gooooooood——

Fawn found herself clutching at the prince’s shoulders desperately as he drove relentlessly into her, each stroke just a little harder and deeper than before. It was unbelievably good, and oh, the need to tell him began to build—-

Their eyes collided mid-thrust, and oh, the taunting gleam in the prince’s green gaze made Fawn bite her lip harder.

She was not going to tell him, she was not—-

The prince’s head lowered, and she tensed, her inner muscles contracting around his cock—-

One of his hands moved under her body, clasping tightly onto one cheek of her ass.

“P-prince—-” She couldn’t help moaning in protest when she felt him tighten his hold on her even as he pulled his cock out of her.

Was this how he would make her say it, she wondered dizzily.

She shook her head up at him.

The prince grinned.

And then his head bent back down again, his mouth closing over her nipple, sucking hard just as he started pounding into her.

A scream slipped out of her mouth, and she found herself holding on to him in every way, her hands clutching his head, her legs tightening around his waist, and still his thrusts didn’t relent in its strength and pace. The prince pounded hard and fast into her, and soon the pleasure inside of her began to rise uncontrollably, taking control of all her senses until everything she could see, hear, smell, touch, and feel was all about the prince.

When the prince’s mouth ground deeper against her breast just as the head of his cock reached the edge of her womb—-

It was all over, and the words tumbled past her lips.

“S-so gooooood.”

Her eyes rolled back as she started to come for a second time, and oh, it felt so much more powerful than the first, with the prince continuing on to eat her breast while his cock shoved in and out of her, making her pussy tremble with every stroke.

It was so, so good that she couldn’t stop herself from crying it out over and over, like a chant that had to be said—-

“So good.”

“So good.”

“So good.”

And then she felt the prince growl, just a second before she felt his orgasm exploding inside her, his cum filling her, and oh God, it became a hundred times better, and she clutched on to him tightly, her eyes squeezing shut.

If only this moment could last forever.


When Fawn woke up, she sleepily stirred, and her hand fell on an empty side of the bed. Panic seized her in an instant, and her eyes flew open.

But the prince was really gone.

She sat up and found the prince’s shirt lying discarded on the floor. It was still there, she told herself, and that was a good thing. Right?

The sight of his shirt taunted her, as if telling her that in a perfect world she would have all the confidence to wear it so the prince could tell her she looked good in it—-

But this was not a perfect world, and she was terrified at the prospect of discovering that the prince was indeed gone.

After shrugging into a bathrobe that hung well past her knees, she padded out of the bedroom, and that was when she found the prince on the sofa, in the middle of a conversation with Noah and Igor.


The two immediately stood up at the sight of her, greeting her with a polite “signorina.” On the other hand, there was nothing respectful at all about the way their eyes were gleaming in knowing amusement, and she turned red.

It was pretty obvious they knew this was her first night with the prince…but how did they know so?

The prince released a little sigh at the look of bewildered consternation on Fawn’s face. How innocent she really was, he mused. One look at her, and it was fairly easy for anyone experienced to tell that she had her first time—-

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