What you shouldn’t wait for me to ask, Fawn thought.

But because she didn’t have any courage to hear the answer to it, she heard herself say instead, “Y-you can’t call me your virgin anymore.”

Ah. His eyes gleamed. “Then do you have any suggestions?”

She shook her head.

“What about you?” he murmured silkily. As he spoke, he decided to reverse their positions and lay on his back while scooping her up to place Fawn on top of him.

“Prince!” She tried squirming off him, finding her new position embarrassing, but the prince’s hands tightened around her legs, keeping her in place.

“You haven’t answered my question,” the prince prodded.

“Umm…” It was so hard to think, with the prince slowly moving her against his body, causing his already erect cock to rub against her moistening folds.

“What will you call me?”

“C-call you?”

The prince only nodded, all the while rubbing her faster against him.

“Like an endearment?” Her voice came out choking, and her mind was fast losing its grasp on reality.

Oh God, he made her want him so, so badly!

The tip of his cock slid in, and she whimpered.

“Tell me what you’d like to call me,” the prince whispered, “and then I’ll fuck you.”

Oh! She stared at him in frustration. “That’s unfair.”

“But it’s still what I demand of you and—-” The prince’s hands released her hips to cup her breasts. She moaned as he squeezed them hard, murmuring, “—-you will give it to me.”

The prince began to play with her nipples. “I’m still waiting.”

She looked down at the way his long brown fingers captured her nipples between them, the erotic sight making her shudder on top of him. “C-can I just call you…R-Reid?”

“Not enough.” His hungry gaze devouring her, he rasped out, “Everyone else calls me that. I want something different—-”


The prince stilled.

“W-would that work?” The prince’s head jerked sharply to his side, and she stiffened in alarm. Was ‘baby’ that bad? Unable to help it, she moved her head to the side, too, trying to capture his gaze, and that was when she saw it.

“Wow,” she whispered in awe.

The prince’s jaw clenched. “Don’t fucking—-”

“You’re blushing—-”

“Goddammit, Fawn—-”

“Again,” she finished unthinkingly.

Their eyes clashed.

And that was when she realized she was in trouble.

“S-sorry—-” But because she couldn’t help herself, she mumbled, “Baby.”

A deeper shade of red stained the prince’s high-boned cheeks, and a strangled gasp escaped her. “Oh my God, that’s so cu—-”

“Shut up,” the prince snarled, cutting her off. But because he also knew he wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut with just a warning, he decided to silence her in the only other way he knew how.

Sitting up, he lifted her off him, and when he brought her back down, he impaled her with his cock from behind.

As her lips parted in a gasp, the prince chose that exact moment to slide his fingers inside her mouth.

Their gazes met through the mirror in front of the bed, and Fawn couldn’t help writhing in a mixture of embarrassment and desire at the sensual image they portrayed.

From behind, the prince used his free hand to guide her movements, and she began to ride him, all the while with his fingers in her mouth.

“Suck it,” the prince said harshly.

And she did.

She began to suck his fingers, his cock thrusting into her at the same time, and it was like being taken in two different ways.

Her mind whirled, and when he began to pump his hips against her, fucking her harder, her mind started to shut down—-

The sweet, drugging sense of an impending climax began to overtake her body, and she sucked harder on his fingers.

“Fuck.” The prince was moving even faster and harder now, his strokes wild and rough, but oh God, how it made everything feel even better, so wonderfully better—-

The prince’s free hand squeezed her breast hard.

She sobbed, the sound trapped in her mouth, with her tongue around his fingers.

The prince’s hand moved down, pinching her clit—-

Oh God.

She bit into his fingers as she came, her body shuddering over his like a storm-tossed doll, and a moment later, the prince was surging forward, his cock driving so deep into her it made her almost see stars, her eyes shooting upward to the ceiling as their joined orgasm reached its peak.

When she opened her eyes again, she found herself collapsed over the prince’s hard body, his cock still throbbing inside of her.

“Baby.” It was the first thing that came to her mind, and she said it.

Color stained the prince’s cheeks.


Her lips started to part, Fawn eager to say it again—-

But this time, she couldn’t, with the prince’s fingers going back into her mouth.

The prince purred, “Let’s see who gives up first.”


It was almost nine in the morning when she woke up, and this time the prince was still beside her in bed, his gorgeous face relaxed in his sleep. She was tempted to touch him, to feel the silky texture of his hair and the velvety hardness of his cheek.

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