The prince had changed into casual clothes, a white V-necked shirt and black jeans, and he looked gorgeous.

Fawn gulped.

He also looked mad as hell, and as the prince came to his feet to make his way towards her, Fawn couldn’t help gulping again. Why was he mad?

When he reached her, Fawn’s apprehension got the better of her, and she blurted out, “Sorry!” It didn’t matter that she had no idea what she had done wrong. She had no problems apologizing if that was what it took to make him stop looking at her with those cold green eyes.

When he reached her, stopping less than a foot away, he asked silkily, “Sorry for what?” Before she could even think of answering, he continued, “Sorry for sneaking out of my bed to date your boyfriend?”


When he put it like that, it did sound pretty bad, she thought with another gulp. Raising her gaze to his, she said weakly, “Sorry?”

Green eyes blazed at her.

“R-really sorry?”

His gaze swung downwards, and following it, she was stunned and bemused to see him staring at her engagement ring.

“Get rid of it.”

Her eyes widened.

“Now, dammit.”

His tone made her jump, and she hastily pulled her engagement ring off. Reaching behind her, she hurriedly unclasped her necklace to weave it through her ring—-

“No.” The prince’s captured her hands from behind and forced them down. At the look of bewilderment in her gaze, he said tightly, “I don’t want to see it when you’re with me.” When her mouth opened, he forestalled her words with a hard look. “Get rid of it.”


“I mean it, Fawn.” The mere sight of that ring trapped inside her fist revolted him, and even though he knew he was being unreasonable, he didn’t give a damn. “You spent the night in my bed,” he gritted out savagely, “and I woke up to find you gone, leaving me for Bennett—-”

“We agreed to meet up last night,” she mumbled helplessly. “W-what am I supposed to do?”

“Ditch him,” he growled. “Why do you even have to fucking ask that?”













The prince stared at her. “For one moment there, it almost like you were screaming at me—-” He paused. “If screams didn’t have any noise.”

“Well…” Fawn was breathing hard. “You were i-imagining things.” Opening her fist, she looked down on Grant’s engagement ring and the diamond winked up at her, perfect in a way that her life couldn’t be—-

Yet, Fawn reminded herself doggedly. Her life couldn’t be perfect just yet, but it would be.

“What are you doing?” the prince asked coldly when he saw Fawn get back to unclasping her necklace.

“I promise,” Fawn mumbled without meeting his gaze, “you’ll never know it’s there.” She weaved the necklace through the ring before locking it around her neck. After hiding it under her shirt, she finally allowed herself to look back at the prince—-

The prince stared back at her, his gorgeous face expressionless.

She said weakly, “Voila?”

The prince bared his teeth in a sharp smile. “You think you’re being funny?”

“Umm…yes?” His smile became sharper. “Or…no?”

He took a step towards her, and she stepped back.

“You know,” the prince purred, “that I’ll make you pay for what you did, don’t you?” He continued stalking forward, and she continued backing away.

“But you know I c-couldn’t help it—-”

“I know,” the prince acknowledged softly.

She started to brighten up.

“But it doesn’t matter though.”

Fawn’s smile faded, her back hit the door, and she cringed, realizing she was trapped.

The prince closed the distance between them, his arms slamming against the door, and she tensed.

“You…” His head started to lower, and oh, the way he looked at her made her heart jump for all sorts of reasons.


He didn’t answer, and it terrified her, but oh, if she had to be honest, it thrilled and excited her, too, making her entire body tremble, and that part of her become slowly wet—-

She clutched his shirt. “Prince…” She tried shoving him away, but he was immovable.

Their eyes met one last time.

She blurted out, “Baby?”

The prince froze.

“P-please don’t be mad, baby?”

A flush darkened the prince’s cheeks, and Fawn almost leapt for joy. Oh thank God, thank God that the prince was still into it, for whatever reason.

“C-can we, um, skip the part where you, um, waste time scaring me to death, and instead go, um, straight to the part where we, um, enjoy our time—-” Fawn ended gasping as the prince lifted her up, and even as her heart beat madly against her chest, she automatically clung to him, her arms going around his neck and her legs wounding around his waist.

Turning around, he brought her back to his table, and with one strong sweep of his arm sent almost every object on his desk flying. Only the phone remained, with everything else tumbling and crashing to the floor. Fawn could only whimper in shock, finding the prince’s actions both seriously terrifying and sexy—-

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