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“Don’t say it like that.”

“Saying the truth.” We sit in silence for the short drive back to my place. “Stay put,” he says before hopping out to open the door for me. He takes my hand, walking me to the door.

“Thank you for tonight. I had a really nice time.”

“I knew you and Mom would get along.” He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. I close my eyes, dropping my head back for my kiss. I peek my eyes open when he doesn’t kiss me to see he’s unlocking my door.

“How did you get my key?” I hold my keys up that I have in my hand. My key is right there.

“Had one.” He pulls me inside, closing the door behind me.

“No. I’m supposed to kiss you on the front porch and then you go home. That’s how this works.”

“Not for me.” He drops the bag that’s on his shoulder onto the floor.

“What is that?”

“You want something to drink?”

“No, I’m good. Wait.” I throw my hands up. “This is my house. I’m supposed to ask if you want something to drink.”

“I’m good but thanks.” He winks at me.

“I wasn’t actually asking.”

“You want to watch a movie or you want to go straight to bed?” He walks over to the sofa, grabbing the remote before he sits down. “Get comfortable. I’ll find us something to watch.” I kick my shoes off in his direction. My aim is terrible and only hits the wall. He flips through the channels.

I lean down, opening his bag. “What is all this?” I look back up at him. “Is this an overnight bag? You think you’re staying the night?” I put my hands on my hips. How does he go from sweet and charming back to whatever this is? “This isn’t how this works,” I mumble.

Dane drops the remote on the coffee table. “Your ex might have taken you home and walked you to the door and gave you a kiss before he left. Notice he’s not here.”

“Because he cheated on me.” He stares at me. “Okay, I was planning to break up with him, but that’s not the point.”

“It’s exactly the point.” I should be angry. Livid really. He’s taken over my house. Why is it a little bit charming too? Not that I would ever in my life tell him that.

“Come over here.” He pats the sofa next to him. “I’ll come get you and bring you over here. One way or another it’s happening.” I stomp over to the sofa, plopping down before folding my hands over my chest. He puts his arm around me.

“One wrong move and you’re out of here.”

“If you say so.” He pulls me more into his side. I relax into him. He smells too good and feels just right. I have no idea what movie he picked. I was out as soon as I laid my head on his chest.



I let her sleep for an hour. A gentleman might’ve carried her to the bedroom, laid a blanket over those sweet curves, and seen himself out. No one has ever accused me of being that kind of man. She’s too enticing, too sexy, sprawled across my lap. I sweep a hand over the rise of her hip and into the dip of her waist. I let the warmth of my hand sink into her skin. Her eyes blink slowly, like a small kitten waking from a nap.

I reach for her chin and tilt her neck back. “Don’t know all of your past, but I do know what’s in your future. It’s me. Get used to it.”

I don’t give her time to protest. I just kiss her. She’s mine now. Kissing her is my right. Her body belongs to me. Her days are mine and her nights are too. I snake my hand up her shirt and find her breast covered in lace and silk. Her nipple peaks under my fingers. Her tit is full and lush, her nipple hard and taut. Her body begs to be devoured.

Our tongues clash in a wet, hungry battle. She might want me, but she’s not happy about it. I don’t care. I’m feeding her body right now, and her body wants touches and kisses and caresses. The way in which she arches into my hand or the way she clutches my neck all say the same though—she’s fucking starved.

I drop my hand down to her cloth-covered pussy and press the heel of my hand against her mound. She grinds up against me, moaning into my mouth. More, her actions scream, give me more.

Baby, you don’t need to ask twice. I shove my hand under her panties until my fingers make contact with her bare skin. She’s drenched and swollen. I slide my fingers on either side of her cunt lips and rub.

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