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“I’m not pouting.” I suck my bottom lip in just to make sure. He only smirks, knowing I’m full of shit. I look out the window so I don’t accidently stare at his handsome face. Why is he so hard for me to resist?

As much as I’m thankful for him getting the phone call, I have to admit that I’m mad too. I wanted my orgasm, but the ring of the phone had brought me right back down to reality. Dane was still in my house because he’d refused to leave. Not that I’d pushed real hard for him to leave.

Then when I woke up he seduced me so I’d forget that fact. It had worked. Him and his magical fingers. Fingers that were inside me ten minutes ago. I clench my thighs together, trying to push away the memory of how his deep voice had told me he was eventually going to take me long and hard.

“This shouldn’t take too long.” He turns down another road. I have no clue where we are. Not sure how that’s possible being this is a small town. I guess small really only means the size of the population. In reality Smithville is pretty freaking big. It is going to take me some time to really get to know my way around here. I have to admit that I’m looking forward to it.

“And then you’ll take me home so I can go back to sleep?”

“I’ll take you to bed.” I turn, glaring at him. It’s a half-hearted glare. How can I want to smack him and kiss him at the same time? I’d be lying if I said that crawling into bed with him doesn’t sound nice. The nap I’d taken on him earlier was the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.

I still can’t believe how easily I passed out. I know it wasn’t the orgasm and food either. It was him. Something about his bossy ass that works for me. I would never admit that in a thousand years to his cocky ass. He doesn’t need anyone else to tell him.

“My bed.” I emphasize the word. In the short time I’ve known Dane I know I have to be crystal clear about what I’m saying or he’ll figure out a way to flip it on me so it works out in his favor.

“What’s mine is yours.”

“That saying is for married people. We’re not married. We’re not even together. I’m not even sure I like you.”

“Liar.” I can hear the smile in his voice. I bite the inside of my cheek so I don’t join him. “You’ll marry me one way or another. So as I said before, what’s mine is yours.” I roll my eyes. “Notice you’re not denying it.” He gives a deep chuckle that pisses me off but also has me pushing my thighs even tighter together. This man is so frustrating.

“I don’t think I should be in charge of protecting you.” I skip right over his comment. “If anything you need protection from me because I’m going to end up murdering you.” That gets me a full-blown smile from him. I swear that mouth of his puts me under some sort of spell too. No wonder all these women make things up and call in to have him come to their house.

“We’re here.” We pull up to an unassuming house. That is until the door opens. My mouth falls open when a woman in what I’m guessing is a robe steps out the front door. A robe is meant to cover you up. This does nothing of the sort because I can clearly see her red matching panties and bra. “Stay in the car for now. Let me check things out.”

I’m out of the car before he even finishes what he’s saying. “Get in the house and put some damn clothes on. I’ll ticket you for indecent exposure,” I snap at the woman. What is wrong with her?

“So it’s true.” The woman’s mouth forms a pout. I don’t know what she’s talking about but is every woman in this town after this man? She stands up a little straighter, the pout dropping from her lips. “Wait, just because you caught the chief’s attention doesn’t mean you can bark orders around here. If he wants me to put clothes on, he’ll let me know. He’s never asked me to before.”

“Why you little—” A hand comes down over my mouth. His other goes around my waist so I can’t move. Dane pulls me back into him.

“You heard her, Tina.” I’d give her a smug smile, but there is a hand over my mouth so I can’t. “Get in your house. I’ll do a walk around to make sure no one is here.”

“She’s not even from here. Wait until your mama hears about this.”

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