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“How do you take your coffee, babe?” Dane pulls the pillow from off my face. I stare up into his handsome face.

“It’s too early for you to look this good.”

“You think I look good?”

I snatch the pillow back from him before hitting him with it. He did not need me to help with his ego. That said, he doesn’t act like a cocky jerk even with all the women in this town falling all over him. No, he’s only a controlling jerk.

He grabs it again, tossing it away. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” He drops down, his mouth meeting mine. I go to push him away but only dig my fingers into his shirt, pulling him closer. He doesn’t stop until I’m breathless. Even then it seems too soon.

“Don’t kiss me when I first wake up. I need to brush my teeth.”

“Kiss you whenever I want.” He pulls me out of the bed. “I want to have breakfast with you before I go to work.” He gives my ass a smack before putting me on my feet.

“You can’t just move me around wherever you want me!”

“Can and did,” he says before he strolls from the room.

“I don’t cook!” I shout after him. In case he thinks I’m going to make us breakfast or something. He only laughs. “Cream and sugar!” I add before dragging myself into the bathroom. I groan when I see myself in the mirror. I am a hot mess. I quickly get myself together. I totally am not interested in dating Dane. The light makeup and ten minutes I spend on my hair says otherwise.

“You look good. Let’s roll.” Dane’s eyes meet mine in the bathroom mirror as he places a coffee in front of me in a to-go cup before he kisses my neck.

“Where are we going?” I pick up the coffee and take a drink. I moan because it’s perfect. I don’t even make it this good. What the hell? How is this man good at everything he does?

“Breakfast.” He plants another kiss on my neck. “Pants, babe.” He gives my ass a squeeze. I give him a glare that does nothing as I take another sip of my coffee and hand it to him so that I can get dressed. He watches me the whole time as if I’m doing a strip tease. Even though I’m putting clothes on and not taking them off. No one has ever looked at me the way he does.

I try to pretend I’m annoyed, but the way he watches me makes me feel sexy. He can’t take his eyes off me even as I put more layers of clothes on. It’s as though he doesn’t care what it is that I’m doing, he just wants to watch me. This man is pushing himself into more than my life. He’s making his way right into my heart.

“See something you like? It’s rude to stare.” I turn around so he doesn’t see the smile on my face. Before I know what’s happening, his warm body is pressed against my back, his hard cock pressing into me.

“I more than like, babe.” His warm breath tickles me before he places a kiss by my ear. I can’t help but rub myself against him.

“Need to feed you,” he growls, pulling away. I don’t put up a fight as he ushers me out of the house and back into his police cruiser. Then right into the diner and into his booth.

“What are you smiling about?” He stirs sugar into my coffee for me. I don’t know how he is both sweet and pushy. I also don’t know why this is working for me. I am known for erecting walls around myself. My ex often called me cold. He was right. I do like to keep people at a distance. They can’t hurt you then.

“I just like how everyone knows everyone.” It’s endearing watching everyone in the diner. It makes it feel like home. I am starting to understand the small-town thing. To these people, home isn’t only their house. It is the whole place. Everyone generally cares about one another and when they bicker it’s like when families fight.

He pushes my coffee back over toward me. “I’m glad you like it since you’ll be spending the rest of your life here.”

“Dane,” I warn him. “Even if I did marry you I think I get to have a say in where we live for the rest of our lives?”

He smirks. I’ve said too much.

“You really think you could move from here and take Mom’s grandbabies from her?”

I almost spit out my coffee. He waits for my response. I don’t give him one because we both already know the answer. Luckily breakfast hits the table, saving me.

For now.



After breakfast, I head for the station. Khloe’s not ready for any kind of declaration, but I’m going to keep battering at those walls until they’re completely down, which means I’m spending every spare moment I can with her. In order to be free to do that, though, I have to find out who left the footprint outside Tina’s home.

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