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I pluck one out of the box and give her a quick, silencing kiss before crossing the room to the front door.

“Hey, listen to me. I’ll get an outdoor alarm or something, but I don’t want cameras in here.”

I turn to face her. “You want to stay at my place?”

Her brows crash together. “What does that have to do with you putting cameras up here?”

“Because it’s either cameras in your house or staying at my place.” I shrug. “Either one is good for me.”



“I said I’d stay with you.” I bite the inside of my lip, trying to hide my expression. This is the only way to get him to stop putting up the cameras all over my place. He is acting like a nut. So, the easiest thing to do is to agree to moving in with him.

Of course I’m not really going to move in with him. That would be crazy. I’m stalling. “Wait. Is Tina okay?” I get that Dane can be protective and overbearing, but this moving in thing is taking it to a whole new level. It makes me think something happened today. That he found something out that caused him to worry.

“She’s fine.” He drops a kiss on my mouth as he gets ready to head back to work. I caved and made him lunch too. I had to. I couldn’t send him back to work hungry. I was already making myself something, so it made sense to make him a sandwich too. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

“Wait.” I push on his chest. “You hiding something?”


I arch one of my eyebrows as I glare up at him. “I think you are. Why else would you bring these cameras here?” I point to the boxes. “Is there a crazy man stalking women around here or something? Not counting you, of course.”

“Because I only stalk one woman.” He smirks.

“Better be only me,” pops out of my mouth before I can stop it. He is way too good at this. I’d never want to be on the other side of an interrogation table from him. He can clearly get anything out of you. He gives my ass a squeeze.

“Pack a bag. I’ll be back around five.” He leans down, giving me another kiss. I find I’m the one trying to deepen it this time. He growls into my mouth before pulling away. “Make it four,” he says before stomping out the front door. I watch him go because well, he’s got a killer ass. No wonder all the women around town want him.

It’s not going to be a hardship spending another night with him. I slept like the dead with him. It might have been the best sleep of my life. So maybe this staying with him is really in my favor and not because he’s ordering me to do it. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

I glance next door to Connie’s place. I haven’t seen her around since that night at the diner. She had made it clear she wanted me to stay away from Dane. That wasn’t happening even if I wanted to. Truth is I don’t want to. Dane may drive me crazy, but I’m starting to think it’s something I need. I put up a wall and he bulldozes right through it.

I’ve never had someone like that in my life. He fights for me. I’m used to people fighting against me. It’s different and I’m not yet willing to admit how much I enjoy it. So I’ll continue acting as though he’s putting me out and being a pain in my butt. I can tell he enjoys me giving him a hard time.

I lock my door and return to organizing my office. When I hear a knock on my door twenty minutes later, I figure it’s Dane. I don’t know anyone else around here. The last thing I expect to see is Tina and Connie standing on the other side of my door. That’s not the kicker though. Derrick, my ex, is standing there too.

What. The. Hell.

“You’re dating this douche when you have Dane?” Connie asks.

“I’m not dating him.” I pull the door open more. I’m not doing anything with Derrick. I never had, to be honest. He made me face who my mother was. I always tried to make excuses for her behavior, but this put a blinding light on who she really is.

“Want me to call the cops on him?” Tina suggests. She runs her eyes up and down Derrick. He’s not bad looking. More of the clean, boy next door look. Pretty boy, I think people call it. He is nothing like Dane. Boy or pretty could never be in the same sentence as Dane. He is every inch a rugged man.

“No,” I rush to say. That is the last thing I need, for Dane to show up and see him here. I can’t even imagine what would happen. I think he might have a jealous side.

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