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“Clothes,” he growls. The sound goes straight to my clit. I sit up, pulling my shirt off first. I unsnap my bra next, my boobs falling free. “Fuck me.” I look up to see him staring at me. He licks those gorgeous lips of his as if I’m the most delectable morsel he’s ever seen and he can’t wait to devour me.

I’ve never been this naked in front of someone before. I’m a little on the chubby side compared to Connie and Tina. The way Dane is looking at me now makes me think he more than likes how I look.

“Clothes.” I point to his pants. If I have to get naked so does he. I shimmy out of my shorts, leaving myself in only a pair of white silk panties. They are the sexiest thing I own at the moment. I knew this was going to happen. Why else would I have put them on?

I watch as he takes his belt off and places it on the dresser. He tosses his badge next to it. His pants are the next to go. He doesn’t remove his boxer briefs.

I can see the outline of his very hard cock. I bite the inside of my lip, wondering how that is going to fit inside of me. I should have known he’d be big. He’s big all over, and his cock isn’t an exception.

“I’ve never done this before,” I blurt out. Something dark flashes in his eyes. I clench my thighs together. His hands go to my ankles as he pulls me down the bed closer to him, my legs dangling over the side.

“Has anyone ever kissed your pretty pussy?” My face heats at the question. I’m sure I’m three shades of pink. His comments might make me blush, but I love them. I shake my head no.

“You knew that little fuck wasn’t good enough to get on his knees and lick your pussy. You were saving it for me.” Dane drops to his knees, pushing my legs apart to make room for himself. I suck in a breath as his rough hands slip up my thighs to my panties.

He’s right. I never let my ex get close to this. Now here Dane is about to take all of me, and I’ve only known him a few days. It’s because he feels right. All of this does.

“I told you about the clothes.” I gasp when he gives my panties a tug, ripping them from me. I didn’t actually think that was possible. I stare down at him in shock. His warm breath flutters against me. I wiggle, needing release so badly it’s starting to hurt.

“Dane, please,” I beg. He grabs my hips, his fingers digging into me as he pulls me down to his mouth. I cry out his name when his tongue circles my clit before he sucks it into his mouth. The orgasm hits me fast and hard. My body jerks as the pleasure rolls through me.

My hips try to lift off the bed, but he’s got me pinned. He doesn’t stop. His tongue travels down the slit of my sex. He pushes it inside of me.

“Dane.” I moan his name as he fucks me with his tongue before his finger enters me, his mouth going back to my clit. He adds another one of his fingers, stretching me. “I’m going to come.” I dig my fingers into the sheet, not sure how this is possible. How could I be coming again already?

“Give it to me,” he growls against my sex. The vibration sends me over the edge as the second orgasm hits me. I cry out his name again, my whole body going lax. I’m not sure I’ll ever move again.

Dane doesn’t have the same problem. He moves up my body, peppering kisses along my stomach until he reaches my boobs.

He sucks one nipple into his mouth while his fingers pull on the other one. I let out a whimper at the feeling.

“I fucking love when you moan my name,” he says, releasing my nipple before going to the other breast and giving it the same attention.

I dig my fingers into his short hair. “Dane, I need you inside of me.” He shifts, moving more up my body. I feel his cock brush against my clit. I jerk, still sensitive from the orgasms.

His eyes lock with mine. “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t want to hurt you.” He closes his eyes tight, like he’s in pain. His cock rubs against my sex. I can feel his warm cum that’s dripping onto me. I’m not even sure how he came already. He’s still hard.

“If you want me to be yours then you have to take me.” I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. He growls into my mouth. I don’t know what it is about that sound, but it turns me on more.

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