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Khloe nods, and I feel her nose rub along the crease of my neck. I shiver a little. Why in the hell is that sexy? I put more effort into concentrating on what she’s saying and not how the weight of her fine body is pressing against my dick or the memory of sliding inside of her wet cunt.

“Romance audio books. Sometimes I do it alone and other times I do it with a partner.”

I stiffen. “A partner?”

A puff of laughter hits my skin. “Yes, a partner, but we don’t work together. I usually record my parts and send over a file to the male narrator, who does his part and then returns it. An audio engineer splices it all together and smooths out the audio levels so it sounds like we’re reading in the same room. It’s all done over the internet,” she reassures me.

I relax. I shouldn’t be this stiff-assed about her being with other men, but this being in love thing is new to me and right now I want to keep Khloe to myself. “Can I convince you to never leave this house and walk around nude all the time? I’ll leave for work late, come home for lunch, and be home before the sun sets.”


“Panties?” I offer.

“Are we bargaining here?” She straightens and the shifting weight makes my balls tighten.

“Yes?” I’m losing my train of thought. My hand skates up to cup her head. “Let’s seal the deal with a kiss.”

“We haven’t agreed to anything,” she argues, but a smile is flitting around her lips. That makes me feel good. Happiness looks hot on her.

“We’ve agreed that you can wear panties and you won’t leave the house.” I kiss her before she can make a counter. She resists at first, probably wanting to tell me she at least needs a top, which is bullshit because her fine-ass tits should be bare at all times except whenever my mom is here or maybe Tina and Connie but otherwise, at home, those bouncing beauties should be on full display. I sweep my tongue along the top of hers, lick the roof of her mouth and nip at her lush, full lips. Her resistance fades and her hands curl around my shoulders as she falls into the kiss.

Our tongues tangle, bacon and pancakes and tea forgotten. Who needs food? I sure as hell don’t. Everything I’m hungry for is in my lap and there’s nothing tastier than her cunt.

Without breaking the kiss, I lift her enough to rearrange her on my lap so that she’s straddling me and I can feel the hot, wet heat of her cunt through her pants. I dig my hands down to cup her ass and let her ride me. Even though we’ve got clothes on, my dick is raging hard. I could come like this with just her mouth sealed against mine and her cloth-covered cunt rubbing over my dick. The friction is enough to set me on fire. I open my mouth wider and take her deeper into my mouth. I’m going to swallow this woman whole.



“Click there.” I point to the screen to show Connie where to click. She clicks it and the label prints out.

“There you go. Now it already puts the tracking in the system for you and alerts your customers. I’ve also set up for Johnny at the post office to swing by here at four to pick up your orders each day.”

“This is amazing.” Connie hops up from her chair, giving me a giant hug. I’d spent the week helping her set up her online ordering system. When she told me she felt like she was in a rut and couldn’t expand, I told her she needed to start doing online orders. It’s been really fun helping her.

Everyone in town is always ready to lend a helping hand. Just like when Dane said I was moving in with him. The next morning there was a herd of people outside, lined up and ready to help get it done. With all of their help, it was done in record time. I’m still unpacking and organizing Dane’s house. It feels good to be in his space—well, I should say our space. He keeps reminding me of that fact.

I feel strange taking over his space, but he seems to love it. When he came home yesterday, I pulled my pink fuzzy blanket off the back of the sofa thinking it might be too much. He told me to put it back. I like seeing your shit everywhere were his exact words. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have found this man, but everything that I’ve been through to get to this moment was worth it. I’d take the betrayal of my mom and my ex all day every day if it meant that it ultimately led to Dane.

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