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“Do we need to take the pies over to the fair?” I look over to the giant stack of pies that Connie made for the pie eating competition. I’m not sure why they’re even having a competition when I’m totally going to win.

“Nah. Mason said he’ll take them over.” My eyes go to the ring on her finger that sparkles in the light. Both Connie and Tina finally went after what they wanted. Come to find out, Tina was smitten that Don was always worrying about her and coming by at night to check on her. Now he doesn’t have to go anywhere because they live together. Both Tina and Connie are now engaged. People move fast in this town.

I look down at my bare finger. I know it’s too soon for Dane and me to get married. I still wonder about the first time we slept together. I was sure he’d said he loved me. Neither of us have said it since. Now I’m the one that needs to go after what I want.

It’s been hard to not blurt those words out all the time because I feel them so deeply. I’m finding I’m also smitten by Dane’s bossy, jealous ways. It makes me feel so wanted. He hates spending any time away from me. I’m sure some might call us codependent, but I don’t give a crap. I’m in love with him.

My phone dings in my purse. I pick it up to see I have a text from Dane wondering when I’m going to be done. Another text comes through, this time from Thea. It’s a picture of an adorable bassinet. That woman has baby fever. With the way Dane and I go at it with no protection, we might need the bassinet sooner rather than later. The thought of Dane and me having a baby brings a smile to my face.

It does make me wonder why Dane hasn’t brought up the idea of marriage or told me he loves me. He has to know that I’m likely going to get knocked up soon. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to knock me up. I asked him to show me how to give a blow job. He’d done it, but right before he was about to come he picked me up off my knees, tossing me on the bed before finishing inside of me.

“I’ll see you at the fair tonight.” I give Connie a hug before I head out. I walk down Main Street heading toward the police station. Dane dropped me off at Connie’s earlier so I don’t have my car. I’d pushed Connie and Tina into going after their men. I know I already have Dane, but I want it all. At least the I love you. If he doesn’t want to say it back that’s fine, but I’m going to say it to him.

I’m going to march into his office and say it. I wonder if it will end up like the last time I was in his office. I’d brought him lunch. He ended up cuffing me and eating me instead of the food I’d brought. Not that I’m complaining. Life with him is never boring.

I stop when I get to the diner. No. That can’t be. I watch Dane take a step toward my mom looking beyond pissed. I run inside the diner, getting between them. Dane wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me flush against his chest.

“Mom,” I hiss. “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here?” She points her perfectly painted red nail in my face.

“Can I break her finger? You just look away, Dane.” Tina hops up from the booth she’s sitting at with Don. My mom pulls her hand back.

“This town is barbaric. First the chief of police told me if I didn’t leave he’d throw me in jail. Now she’s threatening assault.”

I bite my lip to try not to laugh.

“Barbaric? You’re the two-bit tramp that fucked your daughter’s boyfriend.”

My mom turns pale. “You told them.” She looks at me as though I’m the one that betrayed her, making me realize that there really is no hope for her. Some people are set in their ways, and no matter how much you try, they will never take responsibility for their own actions.

“Small town. Things travel fast.” Dane tries to pull me more into him. He’s already got me in a tight hold. His hand rests over my stomach.

“You want me to throw her out?” Dane asks me.

“You can’t throw me out. This is a public restaurant.”

“You can get the hell out of my diner,” Len chimes in.

“No one is going to let you go anywhere around here. Except one of Dane’s holding cells,” Tina says smugly. “You lost her, now she’s ours.” A lump forms in my throat as everyone in the diner shouts Yeah!

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