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“I can’t rub your mouth now, can I?” I give her a wink and switch feet. “Want to talk it out?”

“Not really,” she says in between bites of pastry.

That’s okay. I have another idea on how to relieve her tension. “How long of a break can you take?”

She stops chewing for a half second and then puts down the donut. “Maybe thirty minutes.”

“Perfect.” I reach over and haul her onto my lap. She tastes like fried dough and chocolate and cream, which is also perfect. I kiss her gently because she’s been using her mouth and vocal cords for her work, and I don’t want to tire that part of her out. There are other places I can apply my focus to such as her juicy, perky tits. I hitch her upward so that her knees balance on my thighs, which is the perfect sucking height. I mold the weight of her breasts in my hands, holding them to my mouth. I know that her tits are sensitive, but having a mouthful of peach gets me going just as hard. My cock stiffens in anticipation, ready and willing to ram into her sweet cunt at the earliest and soonest opportunity. She’s so fucking sexy–a goddess on earth made to turn my horny level to a twelve.

I lift her up onto the desk and spread her legs apart. She’s still in her pajama shorts, a loose-fitting silky garment that makes it easy for me to expose her sex.

I draw a finger over her lips. “This part of you doesn’t look tired.”

“It hasn’t had much of a workout,” she pouts.

I arch an eyebrow. “Is that so? Seems like a damned shame that this little body part”—I slide a finger inside her channel—“isn’t in a constant state of exhaustion. I could’ve sworn I worked it over three times last night and that I was ready for at least one more round, but you tapped out.”

She blushes, but an impish, teasing light brightens her eyes. “I was taking it easy on you.”

“Oh ho! Is that so? Well, this is going to take more than thirty minutes then.” I nudge her legs out of the way so I can pull open the desk drawer.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she yelps as I slice the crotch of her silk shorts open.

“Making up for my lack of attention to your pussy.” I latch on then, tonguing her cunt deeply, eating her like a man who hasn’t had a meal in a month. If her breasts were tasty, her pussy is like a five-course dinner at the best restaurant in the world. Five stars all the way. Her hot, tight channel convulses around my tongue. Her fingers dig into my scalp. I love how responsive she is, how she embodies every fantasy I’ve ever had.

We’ve had sex a thousand different ways. She’s been handcuffed in my office while I’ve taken her on my desk. I’ve eaten her out in the back of my squad car. I’ve had her ride me in the kitchen and the dining room and the back porch and down by my mom’s lake when my mom was on a singles cruise.

We’ve made love in broad daylight with the sun shining on every crevice and swell and under the moonlight with the golden beams of the night kissing her beautiful body. Each time I touch her, kiss her, fuck her feels new. I’ll never get tired of her or this or us.

I pull away, my lips shiny and her eyes dazed. She watches with heavy-lidded eyes as I unzip and pull out my raging cock. I lower her down onto my erection, watching as her pussy eats me up inch by fucking inch.

“You’re so fucking hot.”

“You’re so fucking huge,” she retorts.

I shove my hand into the heavy mass of her hair and pull her down for a searing kiss. She rides me, slowly at first, working her cunt along my thick shaft. She’s wet and tight and hot. My mind reels.

She’s the beginning of my day and the end of it. She gives my life meaning. When we’re together, close like this, holding each other, connected in this miracle life-giving way, I feel like I could conquer the world. She’s my everything. I didn’t know that life could be this good. I tighten my grip and pound into her like it was the first time we’d ever made love. She clings to me, her head thrown back, her delicious lips parted. Life is so fucking good.

“I love you,” she cries as she creams on my cock. Her orgasm pulls my own out and I spurt violently into her canal, streams of hot cum flooding her heated pussy.

“I love you, too, baby. So much. You make my life so fucking good.” I press kisses along her sweaty forehead and then hold her as she collapses against me.

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