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I ignore that last question because it’s not really a question—just a complaint. “Because I’m not interested in dating.”

“What’s all this then?” She waves at the table and the plate that Khloe left behind.

“It’s me courting my future wife.”

Connie’s shock quiets her for a moment. I lay a few bills on the table for the meal and then stand. “Watch your husband, Candace. I saw him pouring extra coffee for Bob.”

Candace sends a warning glare to her husband. ”You know that caffeine is bad for him,” she chides.

“Ah, Chief. Do you have to rat me out?” whines Bob.

“We want you to stick around with us a few more years, my man.” I give him a pat on the back.

The drive over to Mae’s place is punctuated by a few dispatches over the radio. The March brothers are fighting at John’s place. The sun is barely set and they are already at it. Frank Wilson’s goat got loose. Smith Rossi, our town’s one claim to fame, has his forge going and his neighbor, Silvia, wants Ren to come out and make sure her property doesn’t burn to the ground. Ren will be busy tonight. I keep the radio in case he needs a hand.

There’s only one second story light on at Mae’s. A blue flickering color tells me she’s watching television. I wonder what shows she likes. Maybe a cooking one? Or one of those reality shows? I sit outside her place for a while thinking about Connie’s question.

Why her?

Who can say exactly why things happen? Maybe it was some past life connection, although I don’t know that I believe in that sort of thing. It’s not just that she’s a beautiful woman, either, although there’s something about her looks that punches me in the solar plexus. I got a raging hard-on the moment I laid eyes on her. It’s a good thing she was busy glaring at my face because if she’d dropped her eyes, she’d probably have slapped me. My erection was fighting to get out of my uniform and inside what I know is a hot, tight pussy.

I had to rub myself raw last night so I wouldn’t scare Bev when I walked in the next morning. I took two cold showers and my dick was still hard, which proved that that remedy was an old wives’ tale.

And even if Khloe wants to deny the fire of attraction between us, it won’t go away. For one, I won’t let it. Being near her makes me feel alive. My senses are sharper. My attention is more focused. My blood pumps a little faster. I know that the minute I get her under me, it’s going to be the best experience of both of our lives.

A figure appears in front of the window. From this distance, I can’t make out every feature, but it doesn’t matter because her image is already seared into my brain. I have perfect recall of her oval-shaped face, dark brows, and luxurious wheat-colored hair. I’ve already fanned that hair across my pillow a hundred times in my imagination. I’ve also gathered it up in a tight ponytail as she sucks hard on my dick.

My pants grow uncomfortably tight as those fantasies play in front of my eyes like a movie. She’s not petite, but I would have no problem lifting her. There’s no fat on her but she’s full of curves. Her waist is nipped in, but her hips flare out. Her ass is the perfect size for my hands, as are her breasts. Those are big and in your face. I have no doubt they fucking bounce like a juicy fruit.

Yeah, I want her in the worst way, but the only satisfaction I’m going to get is from my hand. The revelations of Khloe’s bad breakup flattened me. It wasn’t just that she found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her—reason enough to pound the fuckface’s head in—but with her mom. On top of that, her mom had encouraged Khloe to date this asshole. The betrayal had so many layers to it my head aches. And if my head aches, I can only imagine what it’s doing to Khloe right now.

It wouldn’t be right to press her into bed. Oh, sure, Khloe might be down for it. She might think that fucking me would ease her broken heart, but when we climb into bed, it’s just going to be the two of us. If we fucked now, it’d be me, her, her mom and maybe even her ex. I want Khloe’s attention to solely be on me—I’m that kind of selfish.

No, sex is going to have to sit on the back burner for a bit while Khloe licks her wounds and gets over that hurt, particularly the pain inflicted by her mom. I’m an action guy, so it’s going to be tough to be patient when every atom of my being wants to be inside of her cunt, but if I’m going to make a place for myself in Khloe’s heart, I’m going to have to wait.

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