“What part of you’re not supposed to be alone, don’t you get?” He practically snarls at me. I want to kick him in the nuts.

I slam my hands down at my sides, clenching my fists. Taking a deep breath, I put a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee and then finally gain enough control to say, “Damn it. This is stupid. I should just refuse to testify, so I can go back to my normal life.”

Immediately he seems pissed off. “Not going to happen. They won’t let you live even if you didn’t tell, just in case one day you have a change of heart.”

“You know that you’re not going to take me every day you work.” The look of utter dismay covers his handsome face, almost making me laugh.

“You won’t be working a lot. This is a part-time job just to keep you busy. Boss has two employees who work most days.” The snooty motherfucker is pissing me off. I can’t work, I can’t leave, and he doesn’t want me here.

“I need money to survive, so I need to work.”

“Anything you need will be picked up by me.” He steps closer to me, causing me to move backward until my ass hits the sink.

“Seriously, I’m not your responsibility,” I say, puffing out my chest.

He tips his chin up at me with his brow arched. “Actually, you are.”

“Well, hopefully, you’ll get your wish and the trial will come sooner.”

He starts laughing in my face, pissing me off. I glare at him which stops the humor in his expression. He grasps my chin firmly, but he’s not hurting me. He leans in and says, “Oh, so this nonsense is about what you overheard. I get it. Well, listen, sweet felony. Although it’s not illegal to fuck your brains out—it’s unethical. I can’t wait for the time to pass because the second the trial is over I’ll be taking you hard and long. So what I told him was to get this moving along. Not because I don’t want you, but because I want to stake you to my mattress with nothing but our sweat between us. Until then, I’m going to do my best to avoid temptation. Drink your coffee, and I’ll work on some breakfast after I start another load.”

He leaves the kitchen and heads towards his office and the laundry room. I finish making my coffee with my hands shaking. The man looks tired but still hot as hell. Something about the way his messed up hair and extra facial hair adds to his level of hotness. It’s insane how attracted I am to him. He calls me a felony, but he’s the one whose looks should be criminal. I bet he wins cases because the female jury members fall over themselves to please him. I take my cup, hoping to sneak back in my room to get dressed. I stop as I pass the living room to see at least three loads of laundry folded on the sofa, stacked neatly.

“Did you sleep at all last night?”

“A little, but I waited for the dryer to be done so I could fold them and start on the rest of my laundry.”

“Oh, okay. Well, if there’s anything you want me to do while I’m here, just let me know. I don’t want you to go through all that trouble for me.”

“Good. Your laundry’s your own responsibility.” I nod and walk off. Entering the bedroom, I pull out a nice pair of jeans with a tank top and hoodie. Sweeping my hair in my hands, I pull it up into a tight ponytail and then pin back a few stray hairs with some bobby pins. I packed all that I could take with me which thankfully included my makeup and hair stuff. I may have worked in a library; however that didn’t mean I had to look plain and boring. Staring into the bathroom mirror, I take in my appearance. “I look cute,” I say, winking at myself. Boss didn’t say anything about what to wear, so I’m assuming I don’t need to dress up. Just to make a good impression, I do put on my makeup like a pinup. I don’t usually put on this much, but it’s a bar and people tip better when you look sexy.

Chapter 5


I nearly drop the damn bacon on the floor when she steps into the kitchen. She’s fucking perfect and too sexy to be working at the bar. It’s going to take my entire being to get ahold of these emotions she’s awoken in me. A devious look in her eyes tells me she wants me to notice or snap about how hot she looks, but as much as I’d love to make her change, I have to remember that I have no right—just yet.

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