Entering Panhandles, I see five customers inside. It’s still very early, but it’s a Saturday when people tend to be off. I’m not familiar with them because I’m not the sociable type. Mary spots me and starts. I move toward her, loving the way her eyes are trained on mine.

“Here it is.” I move to hand over the device, but I think better of it and keep it from her. First, I have to give her a warning. “Don’t be giving guys your number. Not one motherfucking guy. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” She rolls her eyes, snatches it from my hand, and tucks the phone in her back pocket. “Thanks, Beast.”

“No problem. I’ll be here at four.” I don’t stay to talk, and I don’t bother to look back because it’s all I can do to keep my distance. The longer I watch her, the worse it’s going to get.

As I leave the bar, I see her reflection in the lighted beer sign. A deep rumble rips through my chest, sounding like the roar of my engine. Fuck, I need to get her out of my head before I act on the lust rushing through my being. The ride to my house feels eternal, even though it’s a few minutes away.

The second I pull into the gate, I park my ride next to my Harley, get out and then jump on my bike. The wind hits my face, the cool air helps calm my cock down, but it’s not enough to keep it down for long. Envisioning Mary working behind the bar as bastards steal glances at her breasts, stealing my smiles from her, pisses me off.

I drive around on my bike, and for the first time in my life, I find no relief in it. When I make it back to my house, I strip and jump in the shower, turning it full blast on cold. I’m frozen two minutes later and I manage to finally make the fucker surrender. Once I’m out and wrapped up in a towel, I picture Mary with a towel wrapped around her body, tucked in at her breasts to hold it in place because heaven forbid she accidentally offer me a free show again. The image is too much and I have the towel on the floor while I’m fisting my cock, stroking the fucker until I blast my nut all over my hand and onto the bathroom tiles. It’s completely obscene the way I made a mess. It belongs buried deep inside her pussy and not on my floor. Grumbling, I clean it up and take another damn shower.

The rest of my Saturday is ruined by thinking about her working in a bar. How the fuck am I supposed to last until the trial?

The rest of the day, I pace the house, looking for something to take my mind off her. Whipping out my briefcase, I work on my upcoming case to see if there’s any way to tighten up the loose ends. Page after page, there’s nothing to help me. The case is airtight. I’m not even sure why this guy doesn’t plead guilty already. The sentence would be a lot lighter. The alarm on my phone goes off. I’m off my sofa and tucking the file back in my briefcase. Time to go get my future baby mama.

I’m up and out of the house, running down to my truck, and on the road within five minutes. I pull up to the bar and the lot’s half full. When I get in, Mary’s eyes jump straight to the door, and she blushes.

I tap my watch, and she shrugs, pouring another beer.

When I walk up to the bar, the guy she’s serving sees me, takes the beer, and smartly, goes back to his table of friends. No one—and I mean no one—should even consider coming in between us. Even if at the moment there really isn’t an us.

“Sorry. I’m done now.” She puts the money into the register and sets the guy’s change on his table before walking to the back to get her things.

Boss comes over to see me. “Hey, Beast. Everything okay?” We shake hands as he hands me a beer. I need this shit to calm my nerves.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t everything be okay?” I ask, trying to play it off, which is pointless because anyone can see right through me when it comes to her.

“Because you look ready to murder a guy.” He laughs, but I do not see the humor in this. I’m ready to kill a motherfucker for looking at my girl let alone speaking to her. I’ve no right or reason to be this crazy possessed over her, and it’s driving me nuts. One whole day and this girl has me wrapped around her little finger.

“No, just setting some ground rules.” I set down the empty bottle on the bar top.

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