“Ha, so that’s how it goes?”

“I’m just doing my job,” I lie.

“Ah, yes. I understand. Well, she’s done until Monday. Same time,” he adds as Mary comes up to us.

I nod, we shake hands again, and then I lead Mary out. “Thanks for picking me up. I didn’t realize how tired working in a bar could make me.” I’d carry her out of this place, but I don’t want to look like a nut. As soon as we get into the truck, I buckle her in. I can see she’s sleepy.

“Are you hungry?” I ask, driving back to the house as she relaxes against the seat.

“Yes, but I’d prefer a nap.”

“Okay. I’ll make something, and you can sleep.”

“Oh, no. I can’t do that to you. I’m not lazy, you know?” There she goes with her sexy feistiness even though she’s sleepy. Damn, I find it sexy as fuck.

“I know.” She finished her first day at a new job that I’m sure isn’t easy. As a librarian, I’m sure she sat a lot, shushing the kids and stocking returned books. I’m not quite sure what else happens because I haven’t been to a regular public library since I was a teen, but it’s not the same as standing and serving drinks all day.

“Never mind. I’ll help you cook and then have an early night.”

“I will cook, and you will nap. End. Of. Story.”

* * *

Sleep didn’t come for me last night. I’m exhausted as I start the coffee this morning. Last night she slept like a baby after I fed her a small meal. As soon as the coffee’s set and brewing, I head back to my room to shower and change. Pulling out my lounging clothes, I step into the shower and let the cold water seep into my bones. Looking after Mary only made my need for her double. My cock needs a reminder that she’s off-limits.

Once I get out, I wrap a towel around my waist and then walk back into my bedroom and sit on the bed. Thinking for a minute turned into twenty. A knock at the door startles me. “Yes,” I call out.

“I brought you a cup of coffee.”

“Thanks. I’m coming now.” I quickly stand up and dress and then open the door. She’s standing there with her long hair in a ponytail and two coffee cups in her hands.

“Thanks, Mary. You didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s nothing. Thank you for dinner last night. I don’t think I even mentioned it before falling back to sleep.”

“You’re welcome. Are you feeling well-rested?”

“Yes, but you don’t look like it.”

“No. I couldn’t sleep.”

“Sorry. I know you don’t like people in your space.”

“It’s not that. Are you hungry?”

“Actually, I started breakfast. You relax, and I’ll cook this time.”

“I’m not even going to argue about that.”

“Good, now go sit down and chill or whatever you do.” The sight of her walking into the kitchen is the last thing I remember as I fall asleep on my sofa.

Chapter 6


It’s been a week since my world has been flipped on its head. My future wife loves her job even though she comes home exhausted. Even though I’m worn out, I’ve hardly slept a wink since she arrived. She’s captivated me day and night. For the first couple of days, we’ve managed to keep our distance. The only time I see her is before and after work. Usually, our conversation is short and to the point.

After some delays, the trial of the suspected bank robber who shot one of the guards begins today. It’s unusual to proceed with a trial on a Friday, but we’re forced to do so because the calendar is packed, and we’re limited unless we want to move a trial to another jurisdiction, which isn’t particularly good for the prosecution.

I’m in court and for the next two weeks, making it difficult to take Mary back and forth to work. I informed Boss that she would be working on my schedule for the time being or not at all. I’ve already warned him that men need to stay away from her, but I’m not sure how good that’s working.

By the time I’m done making my opening statement, the defendant leans over to his lawyer and whispers something. I don’t hear it, but I have a feeling of what’s coming next. “Your Honor, my client would like to change his plea.”

“Mr. Jones, please stand. Is this true?”

“Yes, sir. I’d like to plead guilty.”

The judge reads through the formalities, informing the defendant of his rights before he asks again. “Are you sure that you wish to plead guilty?”

“Yes, I want to plead guilty.”

“The court will accept your plea. Your sentencing hearing will be at nine in the morning. Remand the defendant. Court dismissed.” Well, that just made my day a lot shorter. I try to stay cool, calm and collected as I pack up and walk out, but I’m overjoyed. The case would be killing most hours of the day and I’d be lucky if I saw her more than just to pick her up from work.

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