It takes me another ten minutes before I build up the nerve to call.

“Hello?” His voice is hoarse from sleep, and I feel like a jerk for waking him up.

“Detective Spencer, sorry to bother you. I forgot it was so late. I’m wondering and I know this is a huge deal, but is there a way you could move me somewhere else?” I get that what I’m doing is rash, but I have to get away from him before I get any deeper. Hell, I’m already too deep, but I can’t handle the heartache that’s going to come.

“Why? Is something wrong there?”

I sigh because I hadn’t thought of a reason for such a logical question. “It’s complicated. Let’s just say that I don’t feel safe here.” My heart’s the only thing that’s not safe here. I hate Beast—that bastard. Do they fuck the women and pass them around? Eww. I’m so damn disgusted that I can’t think straight.

“Okay. I’ll come and get you first thing in the morning.”

“Can you be here at ten? That’s when he’s going to be gone.” He’s supposed to do something with Boomer. I know that because he told me when he picked me up from work last night. It’s probably my only way out.

“Sure. I’ll move you somewhere safe,” he says a little clearer than before, but I’m sure he’s ready to go back to bed. “Be waiting in the front yard for me.”

“I will. Goodnight.” I hang up and then finish packing my bags before setting them aside.

I set the alarm on my phone and pass out for the night

* * *

I’m grateful I packed my things last night because I woke up late. Apparently, I set the alarm for nine PM instead of AM. I look at my watch, I see it’s almost ten in the morning. Using the bathroom and brushing my teeth, I do one last look over the room to see if I’m missing anything.

Once I’m sure, I step out of the room and peek out the window. I see that Beast has already left, making it easy for me to get out of the house undetected. With my two bags over my shoulder and my suitcase handle in my left hand, I walk down the stairs and move toward the front. It feels like the longest walk ever. Maybe it’s because I’m worried that Beast is going to stop me or maybe because I hope he does. “Stay strong. You can do this,” I mutter.

I’m almost to the iron gate when a hand steels around my waist, and another hand slides around my mouth with something strong-smelling in it. I fight, kick, and scream, but it doesn’t work, and I’m quickly losing steam. Suddenly, everything begins to go dark.

Chapter 8


I wake up groggy and feeling like shit, but not because I drank a lot. No, because I gave Mary the wrong impression. Before I could explain what happened, she smelled the body spray Morgan accidentally got me with last night. The reason I drank too much is partly my feelings for Mary, but also Serrano, the man she was about to testify against was released on bond. I’m sure he could easily find a way to come after Mary, ankle monitor or not.

Once I’m fully awake, I can hear her rustling around in the house. I check my phone, and I see a message from Spencer, alerting me that Mary wants to be picked up and he’s on his way.

“Over my dead body,” I growl out, slipping on some clothes quietly to stop her from going. The thud of her suitcase hits the floor, and then I hear my silent alarm. She’s left the house, but that’s not her who made that sound. It’s coming from my gate. Shit. I grab my gun from my holster and run outside just in time to see some bastard wrap his arms around her, one on her face. I’m there in a second because the stupid fuck is weak and doesn’t realize her weight is going to be heavier now that she’s passed out. As she falls to the ground, I aim right at the fucker, putting a bullet in his chest.

I’m down to them in a few steps, scooping her up in my arms and kicking the fucker onto his back. I’m not surprised that it’s Serrano, but he’s surprised to see me as he gasps for air. The stupid piece of shit won’t have time for the medics to arrive. “You touched my wife. Now you pay.”

Carrying Mary back into the house, I set her on the sofa. From the smell on her face, I know he’s given her a strong dose of Chloroform. I have to get her a washcloth and try to put it on her head while getting Doc over here as soon as possible. Needing to get this dead body out of my front lawn, I call Law. “Hey, I have a dead son of a bitch in my front lawn. It’s a legal shoot, but I need you.”

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