“Understood.” He knows that if I wanted to make this go away without the cops, I would call Boomer to get the Riders over here, but he’s fled the jurisdiction and committed several other crimes the second he stepped onto my property. Just minutes later, Spencer pulls up to my front gate. I want to kick his ass for letting Mary think that she could get away from me, but all that matters is she’s safe where she belongs.

“Wow, holy shit!” he hollers, jumping out of his car and staring at the body on the ground. I open my gate and let him in to help me with this bastard. He moves closer and examines Serrano, who’s dead. “You nailed that fucker. I guess there’s no trial needed, but I have to call it in.”

“Go ahead. The Steeleville Sheriff is on his way right now.”

“Where’s Mary?” He’s not taking her from me no matter what she told him. I’m not letting her out of my sight.

“In the house. I need to get back to her.”

“Please tell me she’s okay.” He says it, but he’s busy looking down at Serrano and checking him for weapons.

“He drugged her and tried to take her out of here. I think he wanted her to end up missing unable to testify,” I add as we both stare at the dead body.

“There’s no doubt about that. Shit. I have to call my superiors.” Spencer makes a call to his boss. It’s not the ending the family would have liked, but I’m not concerned about them. All I care about is my woman in the house. As much as I want to go in there and comfort her, I don’t want to leave the body until my guy gets here. Thankfully, I hear Law’s sirens blare, and then twenty seconds later, he pulls into my open gate.

He jumps out with one of his deputies who pulls out a crime scene camera. “Wow, this guy’s mug is all over the news. He’s either stupid or desperate,” Law says, examining the clean through and through in his chest.

“He almost had her.” The shock of it still registering.

“Go ahead and take care of her.” I run inside the house and bring a fresh, wet washcloth to her head. “Mary, my sweet felony, please wake up for me.”

She cries out, slowly gaining her wits when she freaks out on me. Her beautiful bright eyes are full of fear. “You attacked me. Please leave me alone.”

“Baby, I didn’t. You didn’t see him then, did you?”

“See who? You tricked me, making me think you left. Were you listening to my conversation?”

“I get that you’re mad at me, but you better calm your ass down. You acting rashly this morning had some serious consequences.” I grab her hand and lift her to her feet. She’s weak and wobbly, so I hold onto her tight. “If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself.” I picked her up and set her down to stand in the front door where Law is laying a sheet over the body.

I don’t hide the image from her because she needed to understand that I’m the one who will always protect her and slay her dragons. “That’s Serrano. He came to get you. He must have thought I left like you did.” I’m being a dick, but she’s got me fucking losing my mind.

“Thank you.” She turns and wrenches herself free from my arms. “Now that he’s dead, can I go home?”

“This is your home.” She’s about to argue when up walk Law and Spencer.

“Can we come in?” Law asks, and he’s not looking at me for approval. This doesn’t have anything to do with my need for solitude. Instead, he’s wondering if Mary’s okay with it. She nods only, refusing to speak.

“Of course.” I step out of the doorway and then close it so Mary can’t sneak out again.

“Mary, I’m so glad you’re safe, but if you’re up to it, I need to ask you some questions.”

“I need to get Doc here,” I inform them. She needs to be evaluated whether she likes it or not.

“I sent him a message while we were outside,” Law adds. I mouthed a silent thank you to him.

“So, can you tell me about what happened?” Law continues. Since this is his jurisdiction, he’s ranking officer.

“I thought Serrano was supposed to be in jail not out here ready to nab me the second I step outside.” She glares at Spencer.

“I’m sorry. I called Beast yesterday and let him know.”

“Well, he was too busy getting lucky to let me know.” Spencer and Law give us questioning looks.

“Not now, Mary,” I snarl at her, ready to bend her over and spank her foolish ass. Turning to Law, I start talking, “I woke up to Mary moving around. After I saw your message, I knew she was waiting for you, so I dressed quickly and then I heard her leave. I was almost out the door when I saw Serrano grab her. Unable to hold her weight, he stumbled with her in his arms. Once he stood up, I took my shot. He was on my property trying to get rid of his only witness to the murder that can send him away forever.”

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