The door opens, and I look up and see the most ridiculously hot sight. Beast is in just a pair of gray joggers, his chest’s bare and is almost as wide as the doorframe. I stare at the small dark tuff of hair that goes from his sculpted chest down below his sexy grey sweats. Seriously, I can’t stop staring at his package. It’s not very well wrapped at the moment and I crave his touch. A feeling I might have missed out on forever.

When the truth finally hits me, the emotions are too much. My body shakes uncontrollably, knowing that a minute difference and I’d be dead already. I would have never been able to see Beast again.

“You’re up,” he says with a smile stretching across his face, which shifts when he notices my state. He’s on the bed and dragging me onto his lap in a flash. I feel so safe and so foolish.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry.” He rocks me as if I’m a child.

I reach my hand up and press it to his strong, scruffy cheek. “I’m the sorry one. I could have died today and never seen you again.” Tears stream down my face worse than they had yesterday.

“Shh, shh. Don’t think like that. Think about you being here with me forever because that’s where you belong.”

“Forever?” I question. It’s supposed to be temporary, and now that Serrano’s gone, I’m safe to go back to my apartment.

“I love you, Mary.”

His muscles coil around me, holding me tight. Beast’s lips press to my temple in the gentlest way. I love the tenderness he gives to me. No words are spoken.

We stay like this until my stomach reminds us that I haven’t eaten today.

“Shit, okay. Let me get you some food.”

“What time is it?”


“I slept for five hours,” I exclaim, trying to get up, but he gently pulls me back down.

“Yes, but you needed it. You still need it.”

“Thanks.” I slide off of him, and he stands up. When he sees me on my feet, he shakes his head. “Lay back down.”

“No. I’m going to sit up and eat.”

“Fine.” He grabs me around the waist and under my knees, scooping me up in his brawny arms, carrying me to the kitchen and then settling me down on the counter. “Not the way I imagined you on this surface. The only crying I was hoping for is my name off your lips as I fucking devour your pussy.”

“Wow, um…well…I’m already up here,” I offer, parting my thighs.

He moves to stand between my legs and growls, crushing his mouth to mine. “As much as I’d love that, you’re not ready. Today has been hell, and you need to eat something.”

I run my hands over his chest, threading my fingers through his dark hairs. “A plain sandwich will do just fine.” I don’t want him to go through so much trouble for me, especially after he already killed a man for me today. Although I use the word man loosely.

“Ha. A plain sandwich for my woman? I think not,” he scoffs, pretending to be offended. I love the light in his eyes. It’s the first time I’ve truly seen him smile with all his face.

I giggle at the silliness. “You’re ridiculous.”

“You haven’t even seen the half of it.” He nuzzles my neck and the giggles turn into moans. My hands cling to his hips, grasping the waistband of his joggers. They’re just a tug away from coming off and I want them down so I can see that thick cock he’s doing nothing to hide. “Oh, no. Should I try running again?”

He stops looks up at me like I’m crazy. “No. I’m not sure you understand what I’ll do to keep you by my side,” he adds, dipping his head back to my neck and jaw.

“I know you’re capable of killing a man to protect me,” I say through sighs.

“I’d kill a hundred if they even looked at you funny.” He kisses me hard, stealing my breath and my heart.

I shove him back just a bit. “Sounds like a bit much.”

“Well, call me crazily obsessed, but I’d do much more if it meant you were always safe.” He takes my mouth again, sliding his tongue over mine. He pulls off and tips his head back to look at me. “We’re not done, but you need to eat.” He slips his hand between us and cups my pussy, and then growls, “And then I need to eat.” His intent clear, and my panties soaked.

He moves away and starts to cook. I don’t know what he’s planning to make me, but we’ve been cooking for each other since I arrived. When I see he has the cheese and bread with tomato, my mouth waters. He’s making me a fancy and delicious grilled cheese. While his back is turned, I shimmy my shorts off my legs. I’m not bold enough to take my panties off, but I want him to keep his promise. I don’t want to stop until he has me pinned with his cock buried deep inside of me.

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