His back stiffens, but he doesn’t turn around. My beast can’t hide that he’s well aware that my shorts are on the floor. I watch his muscles move as he cooks for me. Damn, they are so lickable. I start rubbing my chest, feeling overheated. My fingers graze over my hardened nipples, and I hiss. Pure desire shoots down between my legs. I stare at his ass, biting my lip and squeezing my legs closed. My hands roam over my body, scraping my tender peaks over the cotton of his tee and down lower.

A moan escapes my lips and then I hear him grunt. “You’re food is done.” He turns off the stove and then grabs the plate. Spinning around on his heels, we make eye contact. “Enough touching yourself. It’s my job.” I don’t remove my hands because I want him to do it for me. He sets the plate on the counter next to me and moves between my legs. “Tell me, Mary. What should I do to your pretty, sexy little ass because you don’t listen to me?” He presses his hand over mine, controlling it as he pushes two of my fingers against my slit. My panties are providing that extra friction and I’m almost about to come and then he stops, grips my hand hard, and wraps it behind my back. With his free hand, he picks up the sandwich and brings it to my mouth. “Take a bite of your food, or I’m not going to let you come.”

I bite down, and he pulls it away as the cheese stretches between my lips and the sandwich. I swipe my tongue around and then biting off the rest of the gooey cheese. Never has a grilled cheese ever tasted so good. He sets it down and then cups my face and kisses me.

“Sweet felony, I’m going to make you come and then I’m going to take you to our bed and fill you with my baby.” He lifts the sandwich and makes me take another bite. As I chew, he skims his hands up my legs, sending jolts of electricity through me. Inch by inch, he kisses his way toward my pussy. I toss my head back. He stops and growls, “Another bite.”

I follow his command, taking one more bite. He grabs the hem of my panties and drags them down my body, tossing them backward.

“Somebody is dirtying their kitchen. I can’t believe you would do that.”

“I’d trash this whole fucking place if it meant I could worship your sexy body.” He kisses my mound, brushing his nose against it, and inhales. “Fuck, you smell fantastic.” His tongue swipes across my folds before he pushes inward. I lose my mind, coming on the spot. Shaking and throbbing, I scream his name. Beast doesn’t stop until every drop of me is on him. I’m boneless as I lean on my elbows, panting. Damn, who knew getting an orgasm could make you tired? I always heard the men fall asleep afterward. I guess because most talk about a woman not coming, but the man is going to have me sleeping all day with that mouth of his.

He stands and I think he’s going to take me right there, but instead, he adjusts himself and starts putting the dishes in the sink. “Come on, time to finish your meal and then off to bed.”

“What? I thought we were going to—you know…”

“As much as I want to drill your sweet pussy, I want you well-fed and rested.”

“Well, my pussy’s hungry and wants to be fed.”

“Damn it, woman. I’m trying to be a gentleman.” His teeth bite into his bottom lip.

My hand creeps between us and grabs his cock through his sweats. Leaning in, I nip at his scruffy jaw and whisper, “Leave him at the office. I want the biker. Time to feed the Beast.”

In one swoop, I’m upside down over his shoulder and being carried out of the kitchen. As he marches me through the house, I watch his ass flex and bounce with every step. Men can have really sexy asses, and Beast has got a killer bottom. I smack it, giggling when he grunts. As soon as we get in the room, he sets the plate on the nightstand and then flips me onto the mattress. I bust out in laughter when I spot my half-eaten sandwich. “I can’t believe you brought my food with.”

“Just in case you get a little weak on me, my dear. I want you passing out from orgasms not starvation.” He drops his joggers to his feet, stepping out of them without another word. He’s completely naked. I thought his dick was huge, but I was wrong; it’s fucking massive and thick. It stands on its own, like a damn flagpole. I slip my tongue out and lick my suddenly parched lips. “Keep that up and I’m going to be feeding your mouth first.”

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