“I like that.” I move to my knees and crawl to the edge of the bed. Kneeling, our mouths are at the same height, and he kisses me roughly, letting me taste my own passion. His hand spears through my hair, cupping the back of my head and dragging me as close to him as possible. Moaning and running my hands over his broad shoulders, I need more.

Chapter 10


I flip my woman onto her back. As much as I want her mouth wrapped around my cock, I’m so close that I’ll come before she slides it to the back of her throat. I’ve never been this hard in my entire life. She’s got me so wound up I can’t even think straight. “I want you coming on my tongue again before I take your pussy.”

She moans, flexing her hips and pouting sexily. Grabbing hold of her waist with both my meaty hands over her tiny body turns me on. I’m so much larger than her that I’m going to break her in half, and I want to do it as she comes while I’m deep inside her. Sliding down her body, I nestle myself between her thighs and my head in front of my feast.

I swipe my lips over her slit, tasting her sweet core. Her body shakes with every thrust of my tongue between her folds. She moans, rolling her hips up to my mouth. The way she comes apart from my touch causes my cock to dribble come onto the sheets. Shit. I’m so hard that I’m going to drill a hole through the mattress with my dick.

Her hands thrust into my hair, dragging her fingers over my scalp. I ache for her cries that slip past her lips. “Come for me, my sweet felony. I want to hear you one more time before I fill you up.”

“William.” She clenches her thighs around my head, sealing me in while she comes hard on my face. I lap up every drop until she relaxes her hold. It’s the first time she shouts my name, and the sound of it from her lips almost makes me come.

“Say it again,” I growl against her mound.

“William.” My dick jerks again, staying rock hard. I climb up her body, needing to finally fill her up. I push the head inside merely an inch, taking my time before I come too soon.

“I’m ready to be yours.”

“You’ve been mine since the day we met.” I dip my head and slip my tongue into her mouth. Needing to move so badly, I give in and roll my hips forward, stuffing my cock deep in her pussy shredding through the hints of her innocence.

She lets out a whimper, and I groan, hating that I caused her an ounce of pain. Our eyes meet and I see the answer to the unasked question. She gave me her virginity. I can’t believe she didn’t tell me, but I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m mentally celebrating. Until I met her, I’ve never felt possessive, but I can’t even think of her with another man or I’ll lose my mind.

“You’re mine. Only mine until the day I die.” I don’t move inside, but I’m not ready to stop. Time stands still as we stare at each other, longing and promise in both our eyes. Taking it slow, I kiss and lick my way to her breasts, sucking her hard nipples into my mouth one at a time until she’s moaning, and her pussy squeezes my cock even harder than the vice grip it had already. Steeling my hands into her hair, I take her lips, kissing her the way I crave, delving inside her mouth and letting our tongues dance.

Her hands slide over my shoulders and down my back. “William, please.”

“Are you ready for me?” I drag my lips along her chest, sucking on her perfect tits. “I love your breasts. I can’t wait until they’re filled with my baby’s meals. Do you want to have my baby?”

“Yes.” Her walls flex around my cock.

I know she’s turned on almost as much as I am about having my baby. “Do you want my seed?” She nods, but I have to hear it from her lips. “Tell me. Say it, and I’ll give you every damn drop.”

Her lip quivers as she throatily moans. “Yes, I want your seed.”

“You’re going to get it all.” Finally, I give in to the pleasure and begin thrusting in and out of her tight core and watch as she comes apart in my arms. I skim my hands up and down her sides, halting at her hips and lifting them to drive deeper. She grips onto my forearms for support as I fuck her tight womb.

“I’m coming. Oh, William, so deep.” Her cries send me over the edge, jetting come into her cunt, filling her belly.

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