Still buried in her, I drop head to the side on the mattress.

“Oh my God, that was incredible. I want to do it again.”

“I hope so, sweetheart, because this is for life. You’re mine.” I managed to say feeling thoroughly pleased and winded at the same time.

“I meant right now.”

“I’m sure you want me to thank you again, but I need to get you another snack or something. I don’t think the sandwich is good anymore.”

“Too bad because it’s so delicious.”

“But then again, so were you.” I flip her onto her back and take her again.

* * *

“I started a bath for you. I’m sure you could use it to soothe all your sore parts.” I wink at her, trying to tease.

“Thank you. I could definitely use it. Someone’s massive cock and brawny body savaged me.”

“Damn right. You created that savage. You created that monster.”

“No, I unleashed the Beast.”

“Keep that shit up, and you’ll never make it out of this bed.” I crawl over her, grinding my hips so she can feel how hard I am. She lifts her hands, sliding them across my jaw and then into my hair. Dragging me down for a kiss, I willingly surrender.

The sound of water hitting the bathroom floor forces us apart. “Shit.”

“I’ll just take a shower in the other bathroom.”

“Good idea.”

Chapter 11


It’s Monday, and I hated leaving Mary, but I still have a job and a lot of questions to answer when it comes to the death of Serrano. When I step out of my vehicle, I’m greeted by the press, shouting questions my way.

I should have expected it. Shit. Taking a beat, I stop by the entrance and turn to address them. “The event that took place this Saturday was unfortunate; however, I defended my home and my fiancée. Who he is and where he came from hadn’t crossed my mind when he crossed my lawn. His death was caused by his choices. Learning he was the man who my fiancée planned to testify against made the incident a little more unnerving, but she’s safe.”

“How is your fiancée?”

“She’s recovering both physically and emotionally. Thank you. Please excuse me. I still have cases to work on.”

I excuse myself and walk inside the building out of sight of the cameras. Francisco is waiting at the elevators the second I step off of them.

“Sir, I’m glad to hear you’re okay. The Dallas County DA on the Serrano case is waiting for you. I put him in conference room A. I already grabbed him some coffee.”

“Good. Thanks. Can you grab me a cup of coffee?” He nods, and I add, “I’ll be in with him after I set my things down.” It only takes me a minute or two to prepare myself for this meeting. I don’t have time for this, but it has to be done. It’s not as if I’m the average guy. This is a big deal because the public is worried that I’m a target. Frankly, I know I am. It sucks, but if there’s any of Serrano’s associates or family looking for revenge, I’m the one they are coming for. Unfortunately for them, I’m well equipped to destroy anyone who gets in my way. My guys already informed me that they have my back should we need to remove some bodies, but I don’t want it to come to that.

As I exit my office, Francisco holds out my mug for me to take. “Thank you.” I nod and head into the conference room.

I enter the room and the DA stands immediately. He’s alone which means that he doesn’t want this conversation to go beyond these walls for the time being. “Hello, I’m DA Moses Madden. I’m sorry for this impromptu meeting.”

“I expected no less.” We shake hands, and he sits back down.

I take my seat. “So, what happens now?”

“Nothing. His death was listed as a stand your ground matter. I’m only here to answer any questions you have.”

“I have a bunch. How the fuck did he find out where I live? And most importantly, how did he know when to strike?”

“That’s something we’re looking into. Spencer informed us that he got a call from Ms. Stark. She’s not supposed to contact him, so I’m guessing someone tapped into his phone and listened to the call. We’re checking because it wasn’t a secure line, so it’s not hard to do. How he got your address could be a location software he used.”

“I’ve got another question. Is there someone out there that cares if he’s dead?”

“Like most of us, there’s at least one person, but his ties to the drug world are great. He wasn’t some petty criminal or a hitman. Although someone might send you a gift basket now that he’s gone.”

“Why? Did he plan to rat anyone out?”

“Not that we were aware of, but you know the risks when one is caught. They usually don’t want to go down alone. We’re going through it all to make sure he doesn’t have associates involved in this. If he had accomplices in this attack, they could be looking to finish the job, so letting down your guard may not be the best thing for you or Ms. Stark.”

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