“Son of a bitch.” I slam my hands on the table.

“I’m sorry, but this thing with Serrano was bigger than Spencer led on. Ms. Stark’s witness testimony would help bring a trafficking empire to its knees. You weren’t only chosen because you were a safe bet, but because we know the Steele Riders are very protective of their town, which has its own rights and laws.”

“That makes sense. So Spencer’s a dickhead for leaving out the rest. I get the need for it, but my guard would have been higher up if I’d known. Excuse me, I need to make a call.”

I stand and leave to make a call to Boomer. “Hey, I need more security at my house and around Mary.”

“Already on it. After what I heard, I’ve talked to Cyber. We’re doing all we can from our end. Is there something else?”

“Yes, Serrano wasn’t just a small-time dealer getting caught in the commission of a drug murder. He worked for a drug trafficking cartel.”

“Are you thinking Cortes?”

“I don’t know, but I’m guessing the fuck so. The DA and Spencer are holding everything tight to the vest. I’m guessing a rat on the inside.”

“I agree. We’ll do what we can on our end. You know I want Cortes not only shutdown but at the end of my barrel.”

“We’ll hold our cards tight to the chest as well.”

“Okay. Good. It’s time we go to church. Tonight.”

“Understood. Are you going to bring the girls?”


“Good. I’ll bring Mary.”

“It’s official now?”

“Damn right. I made sure of it. There’s no need for me to pretend it isn’t anymore. The bastard is in the morgue, and her part of the case is all gone. Now, if they want to fuck with me, I’ll send more bodies to the morgue.”

“We got your back, brother.”

“Thanks. I need to get back to my meeting, but I just had to call you for this.”


When I walk back into the meeting, a man and a woman have joined the DA around the table. They aren’t dressed professionally, so I’m already guessing these are the victim’s parents.

“Sorry, DA Brandon. Mr. and Mrs. Gates wanted to come and speak with you.”

“We’d just like to say thank you. Although we wanted to see him rot in prison, we know you didn’t have a choice.”

“Thank you for understanding. This situation was completely out of my control, and the only solution was his death.”

“He’s not the only one involved though. We came here because a couple of guys showed up at our house, looking for something. They had their faces covered, so we can’t identify them, but they roughed up my husband and demanded to know where Shawn’s bedroom was. They ransacked the place and left. We don’t know what they took or who they were, but I’m guessing they know he had something important.”

I drop back in my chair and think about all the information I was given in that meeting. It lasted another half an hour before they took their leave. Francisco walked them out, and I went into my office, feeling completely off-kilter.

It’s been hours since I talked to Mary. Is that what’s wrong with me? I need my woman to ease some of this tension. Nothing they told me was truly new to me. I had suspected it, and they verified my worst fears.

The phone only rings once before she answers. I release a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.

“Hey, babe. How’s it going?”

“I saw you on the news today. The whole fiancée thing really sells what you did out here Saturday.”

“It’s not selling shit. I haven’t gotten your ring yet, but I’m sure it’s a done deal. You’re going to marry me soon.”

“Oh, really? No need to ask?”

“Why? When I already know the answer.”

“A man of few words.”

“So how’s your day,” I ask, ignoring her original question. I love to know what’s going on with her. She’s supposed to spend a quiet day, filling up her Kindle Crystal bought her. I gave her my credit card and let her go hog wild with it. I’d pay anything to see that beautiful smile on her face.

“So far, all I did was clean and shower. I don’t have a lot of clothes, so laundry’s a must.”

“I’ll take you out this weekend, and you can pick a whole bunch of things including stuff for a wedding.”

“Oh yeah, and when is this wedding taking place?”

“As soon as I can con you into doing it.”

“I’d say it’s going to take a lot more orgasms for me to be convinced into marrying the sexiest, toughest man who saves me like a damsel in distress all the time.”

“I’ll eat your pussy until you pass out. If I didn’t have to work, I’d be working on your third at the very least.”

“Confident, aren’t we?”

“With you, fuck yeah. Nothing is sexier to me than the sound of your screams.”

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