“Um…are you trying to phone sex me, DA Brandon?”

“No, you get me so damn worked up, my cock is thinking it’s a sex session. Did you buy any books yet?”

“Only one right now. I’m halfway through with it, but some hot guy called, and I had to answer because I’m sure he’d break down the door if I didn’t.”

“I have the key, but you’re damn right I would leave the damn courtroom if you didn’t answer, baby. You are my number one priority.”

“Thank you, William. I love you.”

“I love it when you call me by my name. I’ve never really noticed it before, but the way it comes off your lips makes it ten times better.”

“Well then, Mr. Brandon, when you get home, I’ll make sure that I whisper it, chant it, scream it. All. Night. Long.”

“Fucking shit, you’re going to make me whip my dick out right here in my office and beat off to the visions I’m having right now.”

“Oh, don’t do that. I’d be jealous of any female in your office who heard that deep, rugged moan that comes from the back of your throat when you’re close to coming.”

“I’m hanging up. When I get home, I’m bending you over and punishing you for that.” I end the call to a fit of giggles from her end of the line. The brat. She’s going to get me in trouble for indecent exposure. I have another meeting in ten minutes, and I have to get my cock under control before someone sues for sexual harassment.

I head into my small bathroom and pour some cold water over my face and wet a paper towel to put on my cock. It does the trick long enough for it to go down. Grabbing what I need for my next meeting, I walk out and step into conference room B, where the detectives are here to go over a homicide involving a jilted lover and a wife.

Chapter 12


I take a drink of coffee and turn on the news to see if anyone mentions the incident with Serrano. The first thing I see is William’s handsome face. He’s walking from his SUV to the building past all the reporters that gathered. They’re shouting questions, and he appears extremely annoyed. I want to smack them and tell them to leave him alone.

The ramifications could be great from the attack, but he handles the situation like it’s all said and done, and everyone can go about their day. Maybe that is the case. Maybe there are more people than just me and the victim’s family that are pleased that Serrano’s dead. I’ve never been the vengeful type in my life, especially after the hand that I’d been dealt, but his death brings me a newfound sense of peace.

It does help that I have one hell of a man watching my six at all times. I think about the way he’s allowed me to just engulf his space, and it makes me feel at home. The way he loves me so much that I can’t get enough of it.

After William disappears into the building, the reporter turns to face the camera and begins detailing what the pending case would have been. “Antonio Serrano was charged with first-degree murder for the death of twenty-one-year-old Shawn Gates over what was reported a drug deal gone bad. Mr. Serrano was said to have jumped over the fence of DA William Brandon’s home just hours after being released on bail in an attempt to kidnap the only witness in the shooting. For safety reasons, her name hasn’t been disclosed to the media, but she did suffer from some injuries during the attack at DA Brandon’s home. We will bring more information when we have it. This is Ernesto Torres for NBC Dallas.”

A wave of relief hits me that they didn’t toss out my personal information, although they did give enough of William’s information to make it easy to locate him. However, as a prosecutor, I’m sure many people who want to know where he lives will find him.

Taking another drink of my coffee, I see a commercial for YOU on Netflix and it reminds me that Crystal dropped off a Kindle for me, and William left his card so I could buy whatever I wanted on it. I’m not allowed to use my personal stuff until he tells me it’s okay, so he told me to buy as many books as my heart desires. He obviously doesn’t know the extent of my reading addiction. Getting the device off the charger, I open it up and create a new account. This process takes forever, but if I want to read, it’s got to be done. And I need to read. I’ve been reading since I was four years old and I’ll do it until the day I die.

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