Scrolling through the latest on Amazon’s top lists, and I see one that intrigues me. Okay, I see a lot that intrigues me, but this one is calling my name. I know it’s going to be filthy, sexy, and yet still sweet. I click on the buy now and impatiently wait for it to download. When I open it, I dive right in. Two hours later and I’ve only made a dent in the book, but it’s so good that I don’t want to put it down even though I should probably eat. At least I took something out for dinner.

My phone rings, so I’m forced to close the book, but seeing it’s William, I pick up instantly. Talking to him on the phone is almost as hot as when he’s in front of me. His perfectly even voice picks up as I tease him with lusty requests. It’s all I can do to stop my racing heart as he tells me we’re getting married. I should argue with him, but it’s pointless. I want to marry the man more than anything in the world, so putting up a fight seems futile.

I fell in love with him by the end of our second day together, and he makes me want the happily ever after I only read about. The man makes my mouth water as he tells me about his hard cock. Immediately, a hand goes to my pussy, testing the little excited nub and my soaked panties.

By the time I hang up, I’m so soaked that I need a shower. What I really need is him between my legs, sending me soaring with orgasm after orgasm. It’s funny how I spent all this time a virgin and the first time he makes me come, I become addicted. I suppose that’s what drug addicts feel. I’m addicted to Beast. It’s the most intense feeling in the world.

After showering, I toss on a pair of light ass-hugging shorts and a t-shirt. I’m not planning to go outside, but as much as I hate wearing a bra, I feel so uncomfortable without one. Maybe it’s because my breasts are so large for my size. Once I’m good, I hop back in my position on the sofa with my tablet. When I finally finish this tasty morsel, I get up to start dinner. I know that William will be home soon, or at least that’s what he said. I know his schedule can change depending on the work they need to do.

Chapter 13


“I’m sorry, Mary. I’m on my way now.” I turn onto the main highway from my office to Steeleville.

“It’s okay. I know that you have a lot of work to do.” The sound of her voice says she’s not pleased at all. I can’t say I blame her.

“You don’t sound okay.”

“I made dinner, but it’s cold now,” she confesses. I should have called her telling her I’d be late, but I knew that if I spoke to her, I’d push off work for another day.

“I’m sorry. I’m sure it’ll taste great.” She gives me a “humph,” and I know I’m in deep shit.

“I’ll be there soon.” I end the call and hurry the fuck up. I have to get home to her and make it right. The sun starts to set even earlier, so it’s pitch black on this road. Suddenly, I see a pair of headlights behind me, making me wonder. I start to slow down when they make an abrupt turn onto a dirt road that leads nowhere. The vehicle turns on the road and then starts going in the other direction and out of my sight. It’s probably nothing. I nearly pull a U-turn myself and follow, but it’s probably someone who made a wrong turn and is lost.

I’ll tell the guys later at our meeting. I can’t do shit about it now because I’ve got no information on the actual vehicle.

When I finally get into Steeleville, I feel a sense of relief. All I want to do is get to Mary, take her long and hard, and then repeat. Once I enter my gate, I point to the guards and tell them to go home. I don’t want anyone around while I spend the rest of the night making up for being late.

I walk into the house, expecting to be reamed, but instead, Mary jumps into my arms, kissing me wildly. “Damn, babe. I missed you too.” I carry her ass to our bedroom and strip her bare.

“I love you, William.”

“I love you, Mary.”

“Fuck me.” She pulls on my suit jacket, sliding it off while I take off my tie.

“Hands.” She moves to her knees and sticks out her hands. I wrap my tie around her wrists, leaving a long end for me to hold onto. “Sweet felony, you are being punished for what you did earlier today.”

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