“What did I do?” She plays innocent, but she’s got a sexy, devious smile on her face.

“You know damn well what you did. Getting me hard up at work, knowing that I couldn’t put my hands on you until I got home.” I drag her up to me by the tie and plant my lips on hers, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I growl and then pull back. She sits on her feet while I stand and remove my clothes. My cock’s stone solid and ready to fuck her pretty slender throat. I watch as she licks her lips, and as much as I want to punish her, I want to give her what she needs. I sit on the bed and then tug on the tie, bringing her head close to my throbbing dick. “Suck.” The demand is low, guttural, and firm.

With her tied hands, she strokes my shaft from root to tip. I groan, feeling like I’m the one being pleasantly tortured. “Suck,” I order, slapping my hand to her round ass that she’s popped up for my viewing pleasure. A soft gasp followed by a moan escapes her lips, releasing a bit of heated air against my pre-come soaked head. Her tongue dips out, swiping all the liquid from the crown before she slides her hot mouth around me. With my hand massaging her ass, I press my middle finger over her little pucker, causing her to hum on my rod. “Fuck. You’re going to make me come with that wicked little mouth of yours.” I pull her off and bring her up for a kiss.

With her lips hovering over mine, she moans out, “You act as if it’s a crime.”

“It is when I’m trying to put my baby inside of you.” Hooking my arm around her waist, I lift her to the center of the bed. “You’re really a beast, carrying me with one arm.” I take her tied hands and lift over her head. With one hand, I pump two fingers into her hot pussy. The sound of her juices coating my fingers drives me wild. I pull them out and suck off all her honeyed treat.

“You have no idea,” I growl, sliding them back inside and then repeat licking them clean. “You’re out of luck. I’m too damn hard up to wait for more than one orgasm out of your sweet cunt. You’re going to get fucked hard and fast, and you’re going to come when I say.” I rub my thumb over her slit as I line up my cock, watching her body rock and hear her moans. Sliding into her heat, I lean down and suck her tit into my mouth, dragging my teeth over her tender flesh before moving to the other hardened nipple and feasting on her spectacular rack. Pulling off and out of her, I flip her onto her belly and cup her hips, dragging her ass up in the air.

Dipping my finger into her soaked core, I run it backward and rub it over her ass. “One day, I’m going to take this, and you’re going to let me, right?”

“Yes…yeesss,” she stammers, popping her ass back. I can’t help myself, and I work my finger into her ass before, pumping my cock back into her tight pussy. She shudders and comes, squeezing both holes, gripping me so damn intensely, I nut deep into her womb, drenching her walls with jets of come. I pull out and plop onto the bed, dragging her on top of me.

“I hope I didn’t freak you out. I don’t know what came over me.”

“I don’t know, but I liked it. I want you to take me however you want.” She brings her tied hands down over my jaw.

“Once I’m carrying your baby, I want to suck your come out of your cock, swallowing, letting it dribble down my chin, or letting you spray my body with it, so everyone knows I’m yours.”

I lift her up on my still hard cock and slide her down my shaft. “Ride now. Work my come out, a sweet felony. You got it stiff; you fix it.” She bounces as I undo the tie. We fuck until we’re both shouting the house down and her pussy is so damn full, my seed is dripping out. She falls forward, dozing on my chest.

* * *

I don’t know how long we’re there, but a notification hits my phone. It’s still in my pants pocket, so I can’t see who it’s from. Then I remember that we have to be at the clubhouse soon. Laying with her in my arms is the best fucking feeling in the world, but I have a meeting tonight. I forgot to mention it to her.

I gently tap her shoulder. “Mary, don’t fall asleep. The guys and I need to have a church session.”

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