“Church? It’s late.” She looks over to the alarm clock, and it’s nine-thirty.

“Not that kind of church. It’s the kind we bikers have. It’s our own personal meeting.”

“Oh. How long will you be gone?”

“We’ll be out for as long as it takes, but the women will be there to keep you company.”

“Wait. You want me to come?”

“Of course I do. I told you the only reason I didn’t want you around them before is that I couldn’t outright claim you in public. Shit, part of me is glad Serrano did what he did, or I would have had to wait until January.”

“I don’t think I could have waited that long.”

“Damn right. Me either. Come on. Let’s get dressed and go.”

“I need to shower.”

“No the fuck you don’t.”

“Why? We don’t have time, or do you want everyone to know that you’ve just fucked me to sleep?”

“Well, we do have some more time. How about we add an extra layer of hot, sweaty sex to your scent?” I growl, spinning so I’m on top of her. My cock grinds against her slit causing her to moan. My body comes alive with that sound. I drop my head and snake my tongue around her fat nipples licking them and then sucking each one until she’s as riled up as I am.

“God! Fuck me, William. I need your cock.”

“Good because that’s what you’re going to get.” I line my tip up against her entrance and thrust home into her heat. Her tight warmth is my weakness. Everything about her is my weakness. I live for this woman from now until the day I die.

“Mary,” I moan her name right before taking her mouth with mine, dipping my tongue inside, dueling with hers. I love the way she clings to me. Her hands digging into my sweaty back, marking her territory.

“I’m coming, William. Oh shit, I’m coming.” Her legs flex as she cries out, sending me over the edge and coming deep in her. We kiss with a growling frenzied passion so intense that I nearly blackout from it.

“I guess it’s time to get up now.” I hate that we have to leave, but it’s important and most important to the two of us. The Riders are there for me.

I pull out and look at my still half-hard cock, wondering if it’ll ever go down completely. I take my gaze off it and slide my eyes over to her. She’s naked from head to toe. Glistening between her thighs is the remnants of us and like a beast, I don’t want her to ever wash off my scent. I need to clean up a little and get dressed. I’ll be ready in twenty minutes.

* * *

We enter the clubhouse, Mary’s on my arm like the sexy candy she is, and the place is full except for Boomer and Crystal.

“Hey, Beast! You finally made it. Boomer’s running late. He’s busy drilling his wife.”

“It seems like you were doing the same thing,” Cyber adds. “And you must be Mary.”

“I am.”

“This jackass is Cyber.”

“Well, he’s not wrong.” I love the way she doesn’t hide our loving. It’s one thing for me to be proud to nail her, but she doesn’t have the shame, and it’s hot as fuck.

“The rest of you, this is my woman Mary.”

“Yeah, we saw on the news. I’m Wrench, and this is Cowboy and he’s Rico.”

Chapter 14


“Can I get you a drink?” Roxie says. She’s the only one I actually know. I haven’t been introduced to the rest of the women here. She hands me a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and takes my hand. “Boys, we’ll be in the other room waiting for Crystal.”

William comes up to me in his sexy vest and black tee, looking possessive as fuck. He pulls me away from Roxie and slams his mouth on mine for everyone to see. “Have fun, baby.” He kisses my forehead and then walks back to the guys.

She hooks my arm and then leads me over to the other women. “Hi, Mary, I’m Sammie. You met my brother Doc already.”

“And I’m Morgan. My husband is in the boys’ room, but you already know both of my brothers Jackson and Boomer.” So she’s the one who decorated William’s house. She’s too sexy for me to believe nothing happened between her and my man, sending pure jealousy through me.

“I’m Penny. I saw you in the bar the other day.” She blushes at the memory and my knowing smile. She must have had a lot of fun with the other Steele brother.

“It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. I didn’t know if he’d ever bring me around.”

Morgan stands up and throws her arm over my shoulder. “These men can be protective and super jealous. Trust me when I say that he’s just as bad as the rest. He didn’t even trust his brother’s not to hit on you.” The ladies laugh, and Crystal walks in. She’s flush and glowing with her growing belly.

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