“I want you to dig into Serrano’s records.”

“I’m going to be doing that myself and hunting down Spencer for more information.”

“Do you think he had something to do with it?” Wrench asks. “It’s not like we haven’t had our fair share of double-crossers.”

“No, I don’t think he’s dirty. Besides, if that was the case, he would have waited until he had Mary in his custody. The DA believes the unsecured line Mary called Spencer on did the trick. Someone was listening in to his calls. I only used my secured lines to call him and made it vague. It’s just a shitty lucky coincidence.”

“Well, I’d keep my eyes open anyhow. None of these fuckers can be trusted. Too many of them are being dragged under the cartel’s thumb. We’re going to have a war. Knowing our allies is key. You can never be too sure with these outsiders,” Law warns us.

“Have you busted any of these drug dealers lately?”

“No, but I have picked up a couple of druggies outside of town looking for a ride. They were fucking wasted at nine in the morning. I held them in lockup until they were picking at sores, and I had enough looking at their disgusting faces. I sent them over to a rehab place. I’m sure it won’t work, but it was that or jail, so they went with the first option.”

Cowboy shakes his head and scoffs, “You’re good. At this point, I feel like popping these fuckers like they’re fucking zombies on the Walking Dead.” He lost his parents to a crackhead with a gun a long time ago. His sympathy for these people is zero and none of us can blame the guy.

“Okay, Daryl,” Cyber says.

“I do have a nice crossbow,” Cowboy teases. “Seriously, I feel like these geeked out fools are going to fuck with my cattle.”

“Fuck, it’s like some Dawn of the Dead type shit.”

“You’re not going to hoist them up in your barn and skin them, are you?”

“Fuck no. Who knows what diseases they’ve got. I don’t want anyone, including my animals, infected.”

“No joke. We don’t want our residents hooked. All it takes is one hit to turn some of the best people into addicts.”

“I need a beer,” Cowboy grumbles, standing up out of his chair.

“Bring a round of beers in. We’re not done,” Boomer adds. Cowboy goes out to grab a bucket. It’s nice to have a well-stocked bar in this place. He comes back a minute later and passes the bottles out. After tapping bottles, we toss them back before getting back down to business.

“I want their organization down on its knees. I want everyone to know we aren’t to be messed with either.”

“Of course we all want them dead, and at this point, I’m not above putting a bullet in each one of their heads,” I add. Pulling that trigger had been as easy as breathing. I’d destroy anything or anyone who came after my woman. War was a part of my past and now is back in my present. This time, I have rules to play by, but then again, Steeleville’s laws are a little lax when it comes to retribution. We went back and dug up some laws from the days of the Wild West and activated them. Stand your ground is the modern version of the rules, but we could push it if charged as long as we dropped the bodies in our town.

“What’s the game plan? Are we going to sit back and wait, or lure those bastards into our backyards?”

“It’s too dangerous to lure them here. We have our women and babies to consider. My wife isn’t going to be getting shot because we brought the fuckers here, but if they show up, I will bury all those I can.”

“Beast, I want you to start watching those around you at work. There’s always someone in the pocket in law enforcement.”

“Not that we would know anything about that,” Law jokes.

“Understood. You’ve got me wondering if my office is bugged. Cyber, can you come in tomorrow and sweep it?”


Someone may have been listening and that’s not cool for a multitude of reasons, but as an attorney, secrecy is a must. We continue to talk for another half an hour when Boomer’s phone blows up.

“Uh, oh. We’ve left the girls too long,” Jackson says.

“Yeah, Morgan says Crystal’s fallen asleep. It’s time to call it a night, brothers.” We all shake up and walk out.

My eyes scan the room for my woman. She stands up with a wide grin that makes my heart fucking jump. Wagging my finger at her, she comes to me, causing my cock to harden instantly. “I missed you, baby.” I drop my head and steal a brief kiss on her soft lips.

“I did too,” she sighs, hugging me.

“Did you have fun?” I ask, walking toward the door.

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