Crystal walks up to me, gives me a quick hug, and then answers flatly, “Well, they’ll kill him; that’s for sure, but I’m betting they’re going to do it slowly. This is weeks in the making. He’s been held this entire time.”

“Enough of the ghastly talk. How about we talk about our babies coming? I’m so happy that we can all share that.” Sammie, who married Crystal’s brother, is also pregnant, so we’re all commiserating together. Crystal is the farthest along, but all of our babies will be growing up together. It’s going to be so sweet.

“For all the babies he wants, we’re going to need a much bigger house.”

“I’m telling you. Shit, we’re going to need a bigger town with all the kids these men want.” I’m sure Boomer wants his name to carry on, so he’s probably going to keep her knocked up for the foreseeable future.

“I know, right?” Sammie adds, rubbing her invisible bump.

“They are all too damn masculine,”

“Are you complaining?” I ask, secretly loving that I got a beast of a man.

“God, no. I love my intense man. Who doesn’t love a man that would move mountains because it would ruin your view? I mean these guys are so everything wonderful that you almost forget all the bad things that come along with being at the top,” Crystal says. She’s married to the town founder, making him a huge target for the drug world that’s ripping through the United States, so she knows better than all of us what lies ahead for her.

“Is anyone else starving?” Penny asks, rubbing her belly too.

“I need some food.”

“How about we go somewhere to eat?” Penny suggests.

“Yeah, the guys aren’t going to like that idea. Just because they have one guy doesn’t mean that we’re out of danger.”

“I know, but maybe they could go get us some food instead,” I suggest.

“Damn, why did you have to mention food? I could really go for some pancakes,” Morgan grumbles.

“Let me ask.” Crystal sends a message to Boomer.

Ten seconds later, her phone pings back. She reads it then lifts her head with a giddy smile. “My man is a wise one.”

“What’s up?” I ask.

“He said the food is on the way. He ordered it a while ago.”

We’re all cheering, which is terrible considering they are probably torturing him in the other room.

My phone rings, and it’s William. “Hey, baby.” His greeting automatically ruins my panties. The man’s voice should be on commercials, in movies, or whatever, but then again, I refuse to share him with anyone.

“What’s going on?”

“I’ve got to take a ride, so I’m going to be out of contact for a little bit. You’ll be fine with everyone here.” His reassurance right now means absolute dick to me. After everything we’ve been through, I’m having serious panic attacks when we’re apart.

“Um…is everything all right?” I choke out. Damn, I need to get my act together. Breathe, girl. Don’t cry.

“Yeah. I just need to get going, though. I love you. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”


“Sorry, but yes. I love you, Mary.”

“I love you, too.” And my mood instantly soured. I don’t know where he’s going, but he didn’t come to say goodbye to me.

“Girl, what’s wrong?” Roxie asks, seeing that I’m fighting back the tears.

“He has to go somewhere and won’t be back for a couple of hours.” That’s when the tears run down my cheeks.

“Oh, it’s going to be fine.” Morgan brushes off my worry, giving me another hug. “Trust the guys.”

“I know, but he didn’t do it in person.” Even to myself, I sound pathetic, which only makes the tears come out more.

“He’s probably covered in blood, sweetie,” Crystal explains, rubbing my arm like it’s commonplace for them to be covered in someone’s blood.

“Yeah, he probably doesn’t want to touch you when he’s got that bastard’s blood on his hands.”

“I suppose.” I let out a soft sob and then choke it back because I’m being ridiculous. Everything they are saying makes a lot of sense, so I try to change my mood. Straightening my back, I ask, “Did Boomer say what he ordered?”

“Breakfast and lunch options. He said with so many pregnant women, options were a must.”

“He really is a smart man,” I say.

About ten minutes later, the men come into the secured portion of the clubhouse that’s meant for when they want to keep us out of harm’s way. The smell of meat hits my nose, and my stomach does somersaults. I’m on my feet to the bathroom as fast as I can.

Roxie, who helped bring in the food, comes in to check on me. “Shit, Mare are you cool?”

“Yeah, it’s the whole pregnancy thing.”

“Damn, I hope that doesn’t last long.”

“Thanks. You don’t have to stay in here if you’re going to be sick.”

“Come on. Do you think I’m that weak? I’m worried about you. Your face paled, and then you took off. I’m just concerned.”

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