“You’re a wonderful friend.”

“Thanks, but I’m sure the rest of them would be in here if they could manage to not get sick as well.” I stand and move to the sink and get cleaned up.

The cool water on my face feels so good. “I’m going out there again.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“I’m hungry, and I’ve got nothing left in my stomach, so I’ll hold my nose and get some food.” We go out, and everyone asks if I’m okay now. Funny that even though I can smell the meat this time, it doesn’t send me into the bathroom again.

I scoop up some hash browns and bacon and move out to the main area to sit down. I turn the television on, and there’s my husband on the news. I press the volume to hear what they’re saying.

“DA Brandon, it’s great to see you return to work again.”

“Oh, I’m just here for a meeting or two, but then I have to get back to my wife.”

“Do you know who attacked you?”

“I don’t, but I have my suspicions. Once I find out, there will be hell to pay.”

“You know that little scar on your eyebrow adds another sexy element to your persona. The ladies are probably loving this segment.”

“Well, the only lady I care about is my wife. She’s the one whose opinion matters to me.”

“Rumors are that it’s your former assistant who fled the day you nearly died.”

“I can’t say exactly. I’d hate to think that someone that close to me did this, but at this point, it can’t be ruled out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make the most of the time I have while I’m at the office.”

“Thanks again for your time, DA Brandon.” Will heads into his building, and then the same reporter who I saw last time turns to the camera to address his anchor in the studio.

“It’s great to see DA William Brandon back to work after nearly being blown to bits a few weeks back. He’s a determined man, and his wife must be a lucky woman.”

The in-station anchor says, “You sound envious. I know I am. Congratulations to the newly married Mrs. Brandon. You’ve got the cream of the crop.” They go to commercial, and I’m betting it’s because they’re all flustered over my sexy husband.

“Damn, that man was trying to scam on your hubby. I’d fuck his ass up.”

“That’s hilarious. That woman in the studio is blushing.”

“I’m going to kick her in the cunt in about a minute. Beast is lucky that bitch was in the studio not outside interviewing him, or I’d fuck them both up.”

“Ah come on, he’s just doing his job,” Jackson says, taking a seat on the sofa next to me.

I roll my eyes at him and nod. “I’ll remind you of that the next time a man comes into Penny’s bakery and flirts with her.”

Suddenly his expression changed, and he throws his hands up. “Okay. You got me there.”

“Damn right. Excuse me, I need some more food,” I say, getting up to head into the kitchen.

“Shit, working in a bar got her a little feisty,” Cyber says, having watched us talking shit.

“Or she just loves her man and almost lost him twice, so fuck off, Cyber.” Roxie follows behind me, making me laugh.

“Wow, do you and Cyber have a thing going on?”

“Hell no. He’s a nosy ass.” She stares at the door as if Cyber can feel her anger from the other side.

“Uh oh, did he like scope out your browsing history or something?”

“Something like that, but I don’t want to talk about it.” Whoa someone is a little more than testy.

“You know, you and I are super close. You can tell me anything. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Yeah, I know.”

I can see that she doesn’t want to talk, so I let her be. “Okay. I’ll give you some time alone.”

Chapter 19


“It’s been weeks since I saw my assistant. I say it’s time to rectify that,” I state, giving Blade a knowing look. I’ve already decided what I’m doing with him. The guys left him in the room without harming the little fuck because they wanted my say in the matter. He’s on the run from the law on suspicion of attempted murder, so no one is aware we swiped the fucker. After the bomb had been placed in my briefcase, it was easy to figure out who did it.

Boomer opens the door, and sitting in the corner is the squirrely bastard. “You tried to kill me. You tried to kill my wife. You almost killed my baby. Now, what should I do about it?”

“You’ve been starving me for weeks.”

“Now you know that’s not quite true. You’ve been given food. Not that you deserve it. You’ve lived three weeks longer than you should have. I should have strung you up by your balls that same day, but I didn’t understand the depths of your depravity.”

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