“Will, I’ve got to go. I have a meeting with my partner. I just came to check in on you.”

“Thanks. I’m glad to call you a friend. Let me know if you find my former assistant.”

“I will.”

We shake hands, and he leaves, looking back twice. A nervous expression passing across his face before quickly being masked. I go back to my office and send out some emails. For the next eight hours, I remain completely at work with limited contact with Mary. As long as the guys have her safe and I’m at work, we can’t be tied to what’s about to go down.

When it’s time to leave, I go straight home where Boomer and Cyber are waiting.

“Hey, give me a minute. Where’s my woman?”

“I’m right here,” Mary hollers, running into the living room and into my arms. Damn, I feel blessed as I kiss her soft lips and taste strawberries. Growling, I grind my dick into her, forgetting we have an audience. Boomer’s throat-clearing reminds us, and I set her on her feet.

“So, everything worked perfectly.”

“Great.” A buzz at my gate catches our attention and stops all talk. I look at the camera and it’s a Dallas police vehicle. I press the intercom. “Can I help you officer?”

“Yes. I’m Detective Lewis and my partner Detective Greenlee. May we speak with you?”

“Come on through.” I press the button, and the guys are prepared.

I look down at Mary and then kiss her lips. “Please go into the kitchen with the girls.”

“Okay. Please be safe.” I wink, and she walks away.

Boomer nods, giving the go-ahead, so I open the door to the detectives. “DA Brandon, thank you for seeing us.” They step inside, spotting both of my guys.

“We didn’t realize you had company.” Suspicion strikes not only me, but it’s written on my friends and brother’s faces.

“It’s fine. I have to have security around me at all times because of this bullshit.”

“Well, that’s good. We hate to say this, but we believe something happened to Detective Spencer.”

“What do you mean something happened to Spencer?”

“He’s missing,” Lewis says.

“Missing? I saw him this morning at my office.” It’s true. Although I know he’s not missing. He’s in the middle of the desert with Francisco.

“Yes, that’s why we are here. You were the last person known to have seen him.” That’s fair.

“Well, I don’t know if I can be of any help. He left quickly. He said he had to meet with…who did he say again…give me a second to…ah yes. Spencer said he was meeting his partner, whoever that is.” His last partner had been killed in a car accident wholly unrelated to being a cop, so I don’t know who they added to replace him.

“What? That’s me,” Detective Greenlee states, looking completely surprised.

“He received a call on his phone that he let go to voicemail and then excused himself less than a minute later.” Lewis makes a note, but Greenlee seems dismayed.

“He didn’t talk to me all day,” he exclaims, appearing guilty. If I didn’t know the truth about Spencer, I’d wonder.

“I’m sorry, but that’s what he said. I hoped he’d come to bring me good news about my former assistant. Unfortunately, he didn’t and made his visit much shorter than usual.”

“Damn. I hate to say it to you, DA Brandon, but we have to inform you that Detective Spencer may be a part of the attack on you and Ms. Stark.” He’s nervous, apparently reading the rage on my face. Even though I already knew that thinking about it easily infuriates me.

“What?” I jump up. “Spencer’s my friend.”

“Sorry, but we have found evidence that he and your assistant were once brothers-in-law.”

I run my hands through my hair. “Son of a bitch. I had no idea.” I pace the room, clenching and unclenching my fists. Stopping, I ask, “Do you think he’s helping Francisco hide?”

“I don’t know. His phone records have been pulled, but all we know is he received a call that came from Francisco’s phone. He should have informed us.” I pretend to be surprised.

“I wonder…God, I hope he’s not involved.”

“Unfortunately, that’s not something we believe. We hoped that he’d tell you more while he was with you.”

“I’m sorry. I wish he did, but if I’d found out, I would have killed the bastard right there.” I clench my fists in rage, wishing I could have gotten away with killing him myself.

“We tried to put a trace on his vehicle, but we couldn’t get the warrant in time. He left your office too soon, and then we lost him in the Dallas freeway.” Lewis grunts in frustration, nodding in agreement with Greenlee’s words.

“Don’t you have trackers on all of your vehicles?” Cyber asks.

“Yes, but today was his day off. He had his own vehicle,” Lewis tells him.

“Damn. So what’s your game plan? I’m probably going to need more security.” I finish that last part almost to myself.

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