“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Boomer mutters.

I turn to my longtime friend and shrug. “Sorry, but I need to keep Mary protected at all times. I’m not going to let anyone endanger her.”

“We can add our own police.”

“Sorry, Detective Lewis, but that’s a hell no. If I can’t trust people close to me, there’s no way I’ll trust someone who probably worked with Spencer.”

“I figured you’d say that.”

“We’ll do our best to find him. We’re sorry,” Greenlee adds.

“Thanks for driving out here to break the news to me.” I huff out a sigh.

“No problem. If something happens to you, the media will be all over our ass. We don’t want to deal with that. We’ll be going. We have to find his ex-wife. She’s missing as well.”

“Really?” I’m completely baffled about that one. I hadn’t even thought about her in this.

“Yes, but that bothers us even more. What if he’s done something to her?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never met her, but Spencer didn’t seem to have anything negative to say about her the few times he mentioned her.”

“Thanks again, DA Brandon.” Greenlee stands, outstretching his hand. I shake it and then Lewis’s hand. I walk them out and then come back inside.

When I come back in, Cyber waves a device. “I’ve already swept the area to see if they added a listening device. They didn’t.”


“Everything is good. He reacted just as expected. Tomorrow’s the shipment date for a load of heroin. Border Patrol received an anonymous tip.”

“Oh, wonderful. Now, if you’ll get out of my house so I can fuck my wife, that would be great.”

“We’ll have guys around the perimeter all night just to keep up appearances,” Boomer says before marching into the kitchen. A minute later, a giggling Crystal is being carried out in his arms.

“Have a good night. I know we will,” she squeals as they leave. Cyber smirks and then closes the door behind him. I double lock it and then look for my woman who’s still in the kitchen.

“We’re alone.”

“I know, but dinner’s almost done. So we’ll eat, and then you can bend me over the table and fuck my brains out.”

“How long do we have until it’s done?”

“Ten minutes.”

“Then we have plenty of time.” I grab her around the waist, dragging her mouth to mine before spinning her around with her ass against my stiff dick. Skimming my hands down her arms and around her front, I unbutton her pants, dip my thumbs inside, and pull them off. She steps out of the rest. I lower my slacks down to my thighs, freeing my achingly hard cock. Nudging her panties to the side, I rub my tip against her folds, testing her need.

A little shiver of delight runs through her body, and then I take what’s mine. Bending her over the kitchen island, I thrust my cock deep into her pussy in one long stroke. “Ahh,” she moans, pushing her ass back to impale herself on my shaft. Reaching up, I lift off her blouse and grab her bra covered tits, holding onto them as I fuck her hard and fast.

“That’s it, Mary. I want you to come around my cock.”

“Fuck, William. So good.” She squeezes her walls fiercely around my length as I pinch her nipples.

“I love taking you like this. Your round ass bouncing on my dick like you want it.”

“I always want it. Give it to me.” I pump harder, rocking the damn island and knocking over a bottle of water. Pressing my hand into the pool of water on the surface, I lean back and spank her pretty ass with my wet hand.

“I’m coming. Shit. Again, Beast. Spank me.” I repeat it on the other ass cheek, emptying my own load of come into her. Breathless, I pull out of her pussy and adjust her panties to catch most of my come.

“Ooh, we still have three minutes.”

“Well, in that case, let me clean up your cock.” She grabs the water bottle, dribbling a little bit of the water on my shaft as she sucks on the tip.

“Good girl. You need to stay hydrated.” I grip her hair, dragging my fingers along her scalp and lead her head down to my cock. Her cheeks hollow out as she continues to suck me off. I’m about to come again. Taking me as far as she can go, she strokes the rest of my shaft with her hand. “Shit, I’m about to give you a special drink.”

“Good, I’m thirsty.” On those words, I shoot my load. She swallows every drop before standing like she didn’t just suck out my soul. Smiling, she adds, “Dinner’s done.”

“So am I.” I’m boneless as I try to stand, leaning against the counter. I don’t know what’s come over her, but I love it.

Chapter 20


I exit the courtroom to a crowd of microphones, phones, and cameras. “DA Brandon, are you relieved that Francisco Soto is dead?”

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