I’m almost to the house when Cyber calls. “Line’s clear. Can you stop into the clubhouse? There’s something we want you to see.”

Damn it. I drive to the clubhouse and meet with the whole crew.

“We set up a special listening device just outside their meeting area in the middle of the desert that we didn’t let the cops get ahold of.” Everything worked according to plan.

They cue it up.

“You came to the wrong person Francisco. I can’t have you telling everyone my involvement with Cortes.” Spencer’s voice is filled with vitriol and crazy. The man was a total psychopath.

“I swear. I…I…I…never said anything.”

“But you can if they get their hands on you, and everyone is looking for you.”

“I’m not going to let you.”

“Whoa. Where did you get that gun?”

“I stole it.” A newfound confidence can be heard in Francisco’s voice.

“Are you working for the cartel now?”

“Maybe I am. Maybe they’re watching.”

“So you made me come out here so that you could kill me? Is this your way in? You fucking loser addict! If you kill me, your sister is dead. No one knows where she is.”

“She can handle herself.” I can’t tell who fired first, but the sound of two gunshots go off and loud thumps, which is probably the bodies hitting the ground. I can hear sounds of sand moving, and I’m guessing it’s the sound of one of them crawling.

“Well, I guess Francisco didn’t underestimate, Spencer.”

“We knew that Spencer had no intention of letting him live, but Soto thought if he played ball that he could run as soon as Spencer was arrested.”

“Yeah, he wouldn’t have lasted another day out in the desert if he didn’t follow our requests.” We set the meeting up and brought Francisco with the help of some less than reputable friends.

“The policed tied the gun to Shawn Gates.”

“It must have been what they were looking for in his room or at least a bonus weapon. His parents didn’t know he owned one from what Law learned while sniffing around today.”

“A stolen gun could come in handy when trying to commit murders.” Damn, I wish the bastard was still alive, so I could kill him myself.



I rub my baby’s soft head, kissing the fuzz as his mommy rests on our bed. It’s been two days since Will was born. I never thought that I would have a son and that I’d name him after me, but Mary made me fall in love with my own name, especially when it comes from her lips. She’s the most enchanting woman in the world. “Come on, son. We have some documents to go over, and I’m going to need to train you as my new assistant.” He looks up at me with sleepy eyes not understanding a word I’m saying. “Fine, I’ll give you the day off, but I expect you to start shaping up, mister.” I carry him down to my office where his bassinet is and set him inside while I work. Mary needs all the sleep she can get after bringing this little guy into our lives after twenty hours of labor. I started to worry that they’d have to cut him out, but apparently, not all women were like Crystal having the baby on the side of the road.

Once he’s settled, I get to work on my latest venture. We’re still after the cartel, but like any criminal organization, taking out the leader only gives way for a new man in charge. It’s been the wildest nine months of my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I work for what feels like minutes, but by the sun setting, I’d say at least three hours have passed. The sun doesn’t set until eight at night during these scorching Texas summers, but it’s been a wonderful day. The movement in the bassinet tells me that I better start taking him to mommy for some food and see if she’d like a late dinner. With three new restaurants in the area, we have more options for takeout which helps with this one.

“Come on. Are we ready to see momma?” He doesn’t answer me, which I find rude and I tell him. “You know? Am I going to have these one-sided conversations for a long time or what?”

“I’m guessing at least a year.”

“Babe, what are you doing out of bed?”

“My boobs started to hurt, so I came in here to see if he was hungry.”

“I’m sorry. We were just about to go get you.”

“Let’s get you situated.”

“How about in the living room? I’m starting to feel a little claustrophobic in the bed most of the time.”

“Funny, I don’t recall you being claustrophobic while we were making him.”

“Yep. Well, I have to stay still. With you, I got a full workout and needed to lay down.”

I grab pillows from one side of the sofa to help prop her up in a comfortable position. Breastfeeding is no easy task. “I’ll bring your water jug.” She has a mini, keg-like water bottle that she has to drink while feeding the baby to stay hydrated. I pick it up and fill it a little more than halfway. As I come back into the room, I see my boy working hard to get his fill. He’s growing fast. Two days and I swear he feels heavier.

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