“Good. I drove all this way to watch you fall apart for me. You know I don’t like anyone to give you orgasms but me.” He slams his mouth onto mine and pumps his fingers into me, hitting my g-spot. I pant and hold back my scream as I come. He drops to his knees and under my dress to lick up my release, making my orgasm last even longer. My head hits the wall while I grip his head and ride out the rest on his face. He drags me to the floor and frees his cock, slamming it into me as he lifts my hips. My back is off the ground while he sits on his heels, fucking me on a low angle, making sure to protect my belly. He leans forward and squeezes my tits, causing me to come again. He pulls out and stands, helping me to my knees and bringing his cock to my mouth. He’s ready to explode. “Swallow.” I suck him off, draining him dry.

That sets my pussy off again. I’m going to need another orgasm, and he knows it. He loves to prolong our loving as much as he can. He’ll have his mouth on my cunt as soon as Will’s asleep, and then I’ll be getting a thorough fucking on our bed. I can’t wait.

He adjusts himself after helping me to my feet. “Let me freshen up, and I’ll take Will. You go get ready for an early night.”

“What about dinner?”

“I’ll cook and serve you in bed.” He winks, walking away. I know damn well what he has in mind.

“I love you,” I add. He stops, spins around, and comes back to me, sliding his arm around my waist and kisses me thoroughly.

“I love you, my sweet felony.” He walks away, and I can see his dick is hard. I’m one lucky woman.

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