“Mary, please. I don’t know what’s going on with you or Beast, but I promise you’re the safest with any of the Steele Riders. If you want to call my wife, she’ll tell you.”

“No. It’s just…” I stammer, looking for another excuse for my reaction.

“You don’t need to explain, but I have to go pick up my wife from school. If you want, I’ll take you to meet her, and then we can all head to Beast’s place.”


“These yours?” he asks, looking down to where Detective Spencer left my things.

“Yes.” He picks them up easily, tips his head toward the door, and says, “Follow me.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow at ten AM, okay?”

“Yes, thanks.” I dip my head and blush, following Boomer to his large SUV. He opens the back passenger door and helps me in without letting go of my suitcase and duffle. I’m short as hell, so getting in his giant vehicle is difficult.

“Sorry, my wife rides in front with me.”

“No. Not a problem. I understand.” He closes the door and loads my things in the back before getting into the driver’s seat.

“The drive isn’t too far from here,” he adds.

“So Boss says you’re here temporarily, but if you need anything, we’re always around.”

About ten minutes later, we arrive at a small school, and he says, “Stay here,” and then he steps out of the vehicle. He leans on the hood and makes a call. As soon as he hangs up, he moves to the front of the building. Another large muscular guy is standing by the door, and they shake hands. He has on a motorcycle vest thing that I’ve only seen on television. I can’t read what it says, but I’m assuming it’s one of the Steele Riders he mentioned.

A minute later, the guy leaves to another black SUV, and the front door opens to a beautiful, pregnant woman. Boomer takes her hand and her bag before leading her to the front passenger side.

“Hey, Crystal. I’d like to introduce you to Boss’s new bartender. We’re dropping her off at Beast’s place.”

“Beast’s place?” Her brow arches and she eyes me with a bit of curiosity.

“It’s not my business, and Beast asked us to leave it that way.” He buckles her in, moving the straps to protect her and the baby without doing any damage and then gives her a tender kiss before closing the door. I swoon mentally.

“Hi, I’m Crystal Steele, Garrett’s wife. Although I’m sure you already know that.” The look on her face is a warning, and I read it loud and clear.

“Yes, and congrats on the baby.” I don’t have any interest in the man, but I’m sure she’s still marking her territory. I like her.

“Thank you.”

“Does Beast usually have work matters that you all handle that you’re used to the secrecy?”

“No, but as a lawyer, we never hear about his cases. The man is as tight-lipped as they come. We all know that if you have a reason for silence then that’s what it is. We’re like a large family.”

“Oh. I’m going to be bored at the house when I’m not working, it seems. I wish I had some books then.”

“Well, girl, I’ve got those in spades, and I have an extra Kindle if you need it. The nearest bookstore is in Dallas, so this is the best we can do. Beast has a book collection, but he’s very sensitive about people touching his things. Like very annoyed if anyone touches any of them.

“So everyone says.”

“Well, let’s get this show on the road,” Boomer says as he jumps in the front seat.

We drove in companionable silence until Boomer asks his wife about her day. I watch them and wonder what it would have been like to have a family. I grew up in foster care, bouncing from place to place. It seems now as an adult, I’m doing the same thing.

We pull up to a small house with a large security gate. Boomer reaches out and enters a code on the pad along with his thumbprint. “New installation. Only a few of us have access. Sorry, but you’ll be trapped here until Beast comes home. I promise you’re safe here.”

“Um…thanks.” From looking at the setup, I’m guessing I most certainly am.

“Let us walk you in and show you the guest bedroom.”

“He only has three bedrooms, but one is his home office.” Boomer says and then jumps out, so I follow suit and nearly fall on my ass. He asks as he reaches Crystal’s door. “Shit. Are you okay?”

“Just mortified but cool.”

He helps his wife down, treating her like she’s fragile. It’s so freaking cute that I’m envious: to have someone that dedicated to your well-being and to love you so profusely.

He leads us inside to a very neat and clean home. It’s so bare that it reminds me of a doctor’s office or something, but it’s not clinical. Modern, sleek but sterile.

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