I enter the house and don’t hear anything. I set my keys and briefcase down in the front hall and then remove my suit jacket. I head toward my bedroom and start to drag my tie off when I freeze. Holy motherfucking hell. My houseguest is standing buck naked in the hallway between our rooms.


Brain, work. Damn it, function.

It’s short-circuited when all the blood pooled in my ten-inch cock. She’s short with killer curves: large, round breasts with dark pink nipples pebbled probably from the cool air. I can’t even hide the reaction in me. My cock comes to life like it’s never done before. I swallow hard, wondering why I’ve been tortured with this sweet felony like an untouchable, forbidden fruit.

“Where the fuck are your clothes?” I growl out, thinking what if Boomer or Boss came to check on her and seeing her like that. Naked. Bared. Mine.

An insane rush of jealousy turns me into a bigger prick than I can be. Spencer should have warned me that she’s a fucking goddess. Long black hair, bright blue eyes, and puffy pink lips that are parted so temptingly make her face unmistakably perfect. My dick is more than alive, he’s unbearably hard as I picture her on her knees with those pouty lips wrapped around my cock, pleasing me and thanking me for letting her stay.

“Shit.” She dashes back into the guest room like a frightened kitten. She should be because I’m feeling dangerous.

I don’t know if it’s my anger at the situation or my desire for her that has me worked up. Hell, I want to pick her up by her pert, round ass that bounces so deliciously, carry her off to my bed, and then her to the mattress until she comes with my name on her lips. I storm toward the door, knocking hard. Hell, I could have used my dick; it’s so damn stiff.

I attempt to take a calming breath to rein in the overwhelming rush of lust. “Mary.”

“I’m sorry. Oh God,” she sighs, pressing her naked form against the door. I can hear the shift on the wooden frame, doing nothing to slow down the desire.

“I’m not God.” Although, I feel like I need to repent for my sins all of a sudden. Maybe if I’m good, I’ll be blessed with her sexy curves to explore. Right now, she’s a temptation I can’t have. I’m in hell.

“Sorry. I was about to get in the shower, and there were no towels. I wanted to hurry so you wouldn’t know, but oh hell. This is terrible.” There should have been towels in there. At the very least, I had towels hanging on the towel racks. The rest should be in my room or in the laundry.

“I’m sorry. I’ll grab some and leave them outside the door.” I rush off to my room and grab the only towel I have left. Shit, I have to do some laundry. It’s something I do every weekend. I knock on the door. “Sorry, this is the only one left. I’m supposed to do laundry tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” she whispers, embarrassment clear in her voice. The gut-wrenching feelings of frustration and pleasure hit me because if I’d been up on my laundry or bought more towels, she wouldn’t have had this moment of mortification. I walk away to give her privacy, but the first thing I do is head into the laundry room and start a load of towels.

Once I come back out, the smell of food hits my nose. I’d been so damn preoccupied with my sexy guest that I didn’t notice the food. I walk into the room and see that she was in the middle of cooking before I got home. Two towels are in the sink soaking. Ah, and that’s where my missing towels went. She had a mishap. “Fuck, it smells fantastic.” My dick twitches as I bring the spoon to my lips. Seriously, it’s delicious. The thought of stopping her in the shower and licking off any sauce she managed to get on herself hits me, and I let out a low groan. Grabbing my cock through my dress slacks, I give it a squeeze to warn my shaft to chill out.

Getting ahold of myself, I roll up my sleeves and help with the food. I turn the stove back on and grab a pot of water to start the noodles. I wash the used dishes while I wait for the water to boil. Just as I turn off the water, she comes into the kitchen with a gasp.

“Is everything okay?” I ask her, realizing that she had been staring at my ass and now has her eyes trained to my hard fucking cock.

Her head immediately jerks up. “Oh yeah. Don’t mind me. It’s just…I’m sorry. I was going to clean up my mess,” she stumbles on her words, looking adorable in a pair of light grey joggers and a cute tank top. She’s wearing a thin bra that’s not helping hide those ridiculously stiff nipples that I want in my mouth.

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