She looked amazing and sexy as hell.

And every man who looked at her would think so too.

We weren’t parked far from the hotel, so we’d decided to walk there so she could change and grab an overnight bag. Then we would make our way back to the car and drive to the restaurant near my house where I’d made a reservation.

That plan wasn’t working for me anymore.

I stepped in front of her, shielding her behind my body. “Let’s take the car to the hotel so we can leave from there.” I spun her around and ushered her into the front passenger seat of my Porsche before she could argue, then rounded the hood to the driver’s side where I slid in. I mentally patted myself on the back for adding tinted windows to the car when I bought it.

I glanced at Lia as I started the car. She was staring at me like I had two heads. “Just made more sense,” I said defensively, even though she hadn’t yet spoken a word.

She raised a single brow and pressed her lips together. “You sure it had nothing to do with all the skin I’m showing?” Her voice wobbled and my heart froze. Fuck, had I made her cry? I stole a quick glance in her direction and blew out a breath when I saw her lips tipping up at the corners. She was fighting not to smile and the wobble in her voice had been caused by her attempt to stifle her laughter.

I shrugged as I stared at the road, navigating the congested traffic on the strip. Why pretend? “You’re fucking gorgeous, sweetheart. But I’m the only man who gets to see this much of you.” I braked at a stop light and twisted in my seat, reaching out to grab her chin. “I never learned to share as a child. Just ask my brother.”

Lia giggled and I leaned over to plant a quick kiss on her lips. We jumped apart when the car behind us honked, and I realized the light was green. I turned down the next side street and was driving into the parking garage when Lia’s hand landed on my thigh. It felt like her fingers were singeing my skin through my jeans and the fire rapidly spread to my dick.

She squeezed and my cock stiffened. “I don’t share either.” And just like that, the semi I was sporting became painfully hard. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to dinner.

I was determined to romance Lia, to show her that we were more than the passion burning between us in bed. That was the only reason I managed to keep myself in check. I followed her into her suite, but stayed by the door, refusing to go any further. When Lia realized what I was doing, she laughed. “Chicken,” she teased. Then she pulled her top over her head and tossed it behind her before disappearing into the bedroom.

She hadn’t been wearing a bra.

I lifted a fist to my mouth and bit, hoping the pain would help ease my lust. When that didn’t work, I stared at the white ceiling and started running the statistics of different poker scenarios in my head.

“What should I wear tonight?” she called from the other room.

Apparently, I had a masochistic side because even though I knew it would torture me all night, I answered, “A dress. And, don’t bother with underwear.”

I thought I heard her laugh, but my mind went blank when she stepped back into the living area. She looked like my every fantasy come to life. The pink dress had looked beautiful on her in the dressing room, but it clearly hadn’t done it justice.

The top of the dress was similar to a bustier, even lacing up the front. But it curved up on the sides becoming two thick straps that tied around her gorgeous neck. It was fitted until it reached her hips where the dress suddenly fell into layers of ragged ruffles that gave it an almost beachy feel.

Lia had insisted that the dress could be casual or fancy and now I knew what she meant. She’d twisted up her long, honey-colored hair, sparkly earrings dangled from her earlobes, and she’d donned nude heels that had my cock hardening when I pictured them digging into my back.

My eyes swept up and down before locking with hers and my hand pressed against my chest. “I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you, sweetheart. So fucking gorgeous it almost hurts to look at you.”

Lia beamed at me as she did a little twirl. “Thank you.” She stopped when she’d completed the turn and put her hands on her hips. “Now, since you’ve been insisting on dinner, it made me hungry. Feed me. I’m freaking starving.”

I laughed and caught her around the waist when she came near enough. After giving her a fast, hard kiss, I took her bag and guided her from the room with a hand on the small of her back.