He dropped a brief kiss on my lips, and I tasted myself on him. “Of course not, sweetheart. Like I said before, you’re perfect.”

“Then why do you seem mad?”

“Because I’m a dumb ass,” he growled before he reached over to yank the curtains open. Then he slid out of the booth and pulled me with him. He didn’t let go of my hand until he helped me into his car—after glaring at the valet when he tried to do it—and he claimed it again after he slid into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the curb.

I shifted in my seat to face him better and squeezed his hand. “I don’t understand what went wrong back there. How does you giving me an amazing orgasm after an incredibly thoughtful date make you a dumb ass? I thought it was brilliant.”

“Because it was stupid as fuck of me to not realize that anyone close to our booth could hear the sexy as fuck sounds you make when you come.”

Okay, that wasn’t something I’d thought about until now either. It was a little embarrassing, but it wasn’t the end of the world. “It’s not like anyone knew it was me. They couldn’t see through the curtains.”

“It was still a mistake on my part. Those sounds are mine. Nobody else gets them but me.”

“A mistake, huh? Then I guess you have something else to make up to me when we get to your house,” I teased in an attempt to soothe his frustration now that I understood the cause. Judging by the way his expression turned from anger to lust, it was the right choice.

“I think you’re right, sweetheart. Another apology is definitely in order, and this time I’m going to fuck it into you.”

Chapter 8


“Oh, fuck yes!” I shouted as I pounded into Lia’s hot pussy. Her cries and the sound of the headboard banging off the wall was making it impossible for me to hold off coming. I shifted minutely to make sure that I was rubbing over Lia’s clit with every thrust. “Come, sweetheart,” I growled.

Like a good girl, she did as she was told and flew apart, setting off my own orgasm. It barreled through me at lightning speed, leaving a burning wake in its path. I pumped in and out until Lia’s shudders subsided.

Panting and completely devoid of any energy, I dropped down and mustered up enough strength to roll to my back. I kept my arms around Lia, taking her along so her sweaty body was sprawled over mine. Her apple and vanilla scent surrounded me and I felt utter contentment. I could feel her racing heartbeat on my chest and smiled when I realized we were in synch.

This woman. Fuck, she was everything.

“Forgiven,” she wheezed, making me bark out a laugh and hug her closer.

“I don’t know,” I murmured playfully. “Maybe I should bank some good will for my inevitable fuck ups in the future.”

Lia’s head slowly raised, and her beautiful gray eyes locked with mine. They looked hopeful and she wore a soft expression, her lips curved in a sweet smile. “In the future, huh?”

I cupped her face and locked our gazes, making sure she saw how sincere I was. “Did you think I didn’t mean everything I’ve said over the last couple of days?” I slid my thumb over her bottom lip before caressing her chin and then resting my palm on her cheek once more. “I meant every word, sweetheart. You are mine. You’re it for me and I’m not letting you go.” Her smile grew and her eyes danced with happiness.

“Besides,” I drawled and glided my hand down to her flat belly. “You could already be growing our baby.”

Her mouth dropped open, and her eyes grew wide as saucers. “Holy crap,” she breathed. “We haven’t been using condoms. I can’t believe we forgot. I’m not on anything, Becket!”

I grinned and my hand slid along the silky skin of her neck down to her shoulder. “I had a feeling.”

“Seriously!” Lia said earnestly, her expression turning worried. “You joked, but I could actually be pregnant.”

My smile slipped away, and I grabbed both of her shoulders, hauling her body up until our faces were level and my hard cock was cradled at the juncture of her thighs. “I wasn’t joking, Lia. Do you really think I would keep fucking you without protection if I didn’t want you carrying my baby?”

She gasped, but her gray eyes were light instead of stormy, like they were when she was angry. “You knew this whole time?”

I shrugged. “Not the first time. I was so caught up in you that I honestly didn’t think about it. Then when I finally realized it, I knew I’d never be able to wear one with you.” I grasped her hips and raised her just high enough that I could slip inside her. “I can’t stand the thought of something between us. And, fuck, when I thought of you, round with our baby…yeah, condoms were so not happening, sweetheart.” Her breathing quickened and her pussy tightened around my already re-hardened cock.

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