“Hmmm, I think you like the idea of being knocked up.” I punctuated my point with a deep thrust, seating myself fully inside her.

She moaned and her walls clenched again. I pushed her up so she was sitting astride me. Then I pinched and plucked her nipples before palming her tits and a ripple of desire made her sex pulse, tearing a groan from my lips. “You like that, don’t you, sweetheart? The thought of these gorgeous tits full of milk. Of my mouth on you, suckling the same sweet cream you’ll feed our babies.”

With every word, she grew tighter and a little more restless, her body rocking, her hips slowly rotating. “You want my come filling your ripe womb, don’t you, Lia?” I lifted her and slammed her back down on my cock, making her cry out.

“Do you want it?” I grunted. She moaned and I stilled her hips, not allowing her to move. “Do you want my come, baby?” Her eyes were closed and her lids looked heavy as she dragged them up halfway. She watched me with a hooded gaze for a moment before nodding.

“Not good enough, sweetheart,” I growled. Slipping one hand between her legs, I flicked her clit, then quickly returned it to her hip, continuing to restrict her movement. “Tell me you want me to fill you, to put my baby in you.”

I rotated my pelvis and Lia’s head dropped back as she hissed, “Yes.”

“Yes, what, Lia?”

“I want your baby. Our baby.” She brought her head back up and looked down at me, her eyes blazing with need but also filled with truth as she continued, “I want you to fuck me hard again and again until I’m so full of you that there is no way I won’t be pregnant.”

A triumphant smile stretched across my face and I loosened my hold on her as I punched my pelvis up. “Good girl,” I praised as I began a steady rhythm, my hands guiding her up and down until she was bouncing on my cock. “Ride me, sweetheart. Take what you want.”

I was sure there would be many times in our life where I would look at her and think she’d never been more beautiful, more magnificent. But, right then, it was hard to imagine anything ever topping this moment. The picture of her on top of me, her face a mask of desire, her gorgeous hair flowing down behind her, her tits bouncing. Taking me so fucking deep. Yeah, it was hard to envision anything more perfect.

A tingle started in my spine and my balls drew up, while my legs started to shake. Fuck, I was gonna lose it. Leaning up, I brought Lia’s breasts up to my mouth and sucked on one of her rosy nipples. Her pussy squeezed me even tighter. The fit was so snug I was having trouble just pulling out to plunge back in. I switched to the other side and she let out a keening cry that had the tingle spreading.

“You want my come, sweetheart, you’ve got to let go. I need that tight little pussy to open up so your womb can suck my cock dry.”

“Yes! Becket!” she shouted and her whole body tensed.

“Fuck.” I grunted in pain as her pussy squeezed the life out of my dick. I sat up and my hands flew to her ass, grasping her cheeks. I heaved up onto my knees and Lia’s legs wound around my hips. I spread her ass just enough so I could put the tip of my pinky finger in her puckered little hole then yanked her forward with all my strength as I drove in one last time, bottoming out when the tip of my cock hit her cervix.

Lia screamed and shattered apart. I followed right behind her. Her pussy pulsed with every shudder of pleasure and it milked my cock, my hot come jetting out in spurt after spurt. I could feel how open she was deep inside. Knew my seed was filling her up and somehow, I seemed to explode again, another small orgasm ripping through me. I felt like I should’ve been empty but with every wave of passion, more come shot out.

It spilled out of her body, coating her thighs and dripping between us. The wet sound of our bodies slapping together was all I could hear beyond the pounding of my own heart.

I couldn’t tell you how long this went on. I only know that eventually, we fell back onto the bed and passed the fuck out.

Throughout the night, we reached for each other twice more. When the sun shined through the slits of my curtains, I shifted and groaned at the exhausted state of my muscles.

“Damn it, Becket,” Lia moaned, her body plastered on top of mine. “Stop moving. I’m sore as fuck, thanks to you.” Her head was resting in the hollow of my neck so I knew she couldn’t see the huge grin I was sporting. “Ugh. I don’t know how I’m going to sit down today.” My grin grew impossibly bigger. “Stop smiling, you big jerk.”

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