“Such a caveman.” Lia rolled her eyes, but she didn’t fool me, the storm brewing wasn’t anger, she was turned on and getting hotter by the minute. I fucking hated that I had to finish my shift then go to this stupid meeting.

“Stay away from him,” I ordered.

“Why the hell do I find it so hot when you’re acting like a complete ass?” she hissed.

I grinned and she huffed in annoyance, but I didn’t miss the subtle tightening of her thighs as she pressed them together.

“Go do your thing before I drag you into the nearest dark corner and remind you who you belong to.”

“That’s not exactly a threat, Becket.” She attempted a teasing tone, but it trailed off into a moan when I pushed my hard, fat cock into her belly.

“Sweetheart, that wasn’t a threat. It was a promise. I’ll meet you in your suite when I’m done with my meeting. And you’d better be prepared because you’re going to be screaming the name of the man who owns you until I know you won’t forget it.”

Lia whimpered and I took a deep breath, trying like hell to cool my desire. I put my hands on the wall above her head and dropped my chin, closing my eyes. “Go,” I grunted. I didn’t have the strength to walk away from her. She hesitated and it almost broke me but then she pecked my cheek and slipped out from beneath my arms. It was going to be a long fucking night.

Chapter 10


Becket was the only person in the world who could knock me off my stride and make it impossible for me to get my game face back on. He got me so worked up that I had to wander around the casino for a while before I headed over to register for the tournament. It took me almost half an hour before I felt like I didn’t still look all hot and bothered from when he’d backed me against a wall and demonstrated how hard I’d made him.

I stopped off at the coffee shop in the lobby to grab an iced tea. I didn’t regret the lack of sleep from the night before—how could I when it’d been so damn enjoyable. I knew I needed the jolt of caffeine to help keep me awake. When I went to hand the barista my key card to have her charge the drink to my room, a masculine voice from behind me said, “Put it on my account.”

“No way.” I dropped a bill on the counter without bothering to look over my shoulder. I didn’t want to do anything to encourage the guy behind me. “Use this.”

“Umm, are you sure? I mean, a free drink is a free drink,” the barista pointed out.

“Yeah, but it’s one that’ll just get me into trouble. My boyfriend wouldn’t be cool with me accepting a drink from another guy, even if it’s just an iced tea. I’d prefer that he’s the one who owes me tonight instead of the other way around.” I almost shivered in anticipation of what he’d come up with to make up for his little flirtation with the elderly lady at his blackjack table earlier. Not that I had anything to worry about, no matter how old she was. But if he could get grumpy about the grandpa with the smooth lines from the other day, then I could give him a hard time too…especially since I knew the end result was going to be some amazing orgasms.

The barista’s eyes darted over my shoulder and went wider before she leaned closer to me. “Maybe your boyfriend would understand if you told him you were doing me a favor by accepting the drink?”

“Look what you’ve done! You’ve got this poor girl so scared she doesn’t even want to take my money,” I hissed as I swiveled on one foot to turn and glare at the guy. It didn’t have the impact I’d hoped for since I had to tilt my head way back before I could meet his eyes. I quickly understood why she was daunted by him, though. He was huge. But then he grinned down at me and she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Technically, I’m not the one buying the iced tea for you since I’m the head of security and use the house account when I’m on site. Becket has access to it as well, just like Drew does at his property. So I’m basically just signing on his behalf because he’s not here to do it for himself.”


“I’m going to take that as a yes.” He glanced up at the barista. “Now that we’ve cleared that up, can you pour me a coffee?”

“Coming right up,” she chirped, hurrying away to take care of his order.

“It figures that Becket would find a way to pay for stuff when he’s not even here.” I stuffed the bill I’d dropped on the counter into the tip jar. His friend chuckled at my grumbling, which only made me glare at him. “I’d thank you for the tea, except the only reason I’m accepting it is because you’re not the one technically buying it for me. So a thank you doesn’t really seem appropriate.”

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