“They’re a lot more discreet and know how to make themselves scarce here, particularly when serving one of the owners,” I clarified distractedly. I was too busy staring at her lips as she sipped, and down the long column of her throat as she swallowed. How did she manage to make drinking wine look so fucking sexy?

When I lifted my gaze and our eyes met, I saw the heat I was feeling reflected in her gray orbs. There was also surprise, and I inwardly groaned when I remembered what I’d said. I hadn’t meant to spring that on her like that.

“Didn’t you say the owner of the restaurant also owned the hotel?”

“Um, yeah.” Holy shit. I fucking blushed. Maybe my plans to take Lia to bed weren’t such a good idea because I’d obviously grown a pussy. “My brother and I own it, but he runs the business, I don’t have much to do with this side of things. I’m really just an investor.”

“So, you’re a silent partner in a hotel and casino, but you decided to become a dealer?”

I shrugged. “I enjoy it. And, it pays the bills.”

Lia started chuckling but after a minute, it turned into a full-blown fit of giggles. “And you work at the Lennox,” she wheezed. It was a statement, not a question.

A smile stretched across my face when I realized where she was going with this.

“Please tell me you work there just to fuck with your brother.” She was practically falling over in her seat now.

“Beauty and brains. You’re the whole package, sweetheart.”

When her laughter died down and her breathing returned to normal, she took another drink before asking me about why I chose to be a dealer. She clearly wasn’t impressed with my status or wealth, and it only intensified my attraction to her.

We went through at least three drinks each as we talked and laughed. She told me the story of how she decided to become a professional gambler and how she’d become a top contender in her business. Our conversation got easier as we got to know each other. However, our inability to stop touching each other was intensified by the alcohol.

At first, it was just my finger brushing over the back of her hand. Then it was her hand sweeping my hair back off my forehead. Eventually, my lips were skimming along her ear and I whispered something. Our inhibitions steadily lowered until our lips were locked together and I was sliding a hand over her silky thigh. I delved under her skirt and slipped my tongue into her mouth as the tips of my fingers met her soaked panties.

“Fuck, Lia,” I groaned against her neck as I placed a hot, open-mouthed kiss just under her jaw. “I’ve never wanted someone as much as I want you.” I took her hand and pressed it down on the bulge in my slacks. “Never been so fucking hard in my entire life.”

She dropped her head back to give me better access before panting, “How about I help you with that problem back in my suite?”

I tore myself away and shot to my feet. After throwing some bills on the table, I grabbed Lia’s hand and pulled her up before placing my hand at the small of her back and guiding her quickly towards the entrance.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the Lennox and stepping onto an elevator that only served the high-roller suites. The doors whooshed shut, and I wasted no time lifting her up with my hands on her ass and pressing her back against the wall.

“I love how fucking confident you are,” I told her honestly. “You’re strong and independent. Incredibly smart and so damn gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” she breathed. “But the flattery isn’t necessary, Becket. I think it’s pretty well established that I’m a sure thing.” She moved in for a kiss, but I held back, keeping a steady gaze on her face.

“It’s not flattery if it’s true, sweetheart”—she started to speak but I placed my finger over her lips—“I’m telling you this because I want you to know that those traits turn me on a fuck of a lot.” I returned both hands to her ass and squeezed while pressing my rigid cock into the heat of her sex. “In the bedroom, I’m in charge. I will worship you and give you everything you need. But when we fuck, I own you, baby. Do you understand?”

Her eyes were wide as she nodded, but I was relieved to see that the color had darkened with intense hunger.

“You will only come when I give you permission. Your orgasms belong to me.”

The elevator dinged, and I slowly dropped her legs to the floor. The doors opened, and I took her hand, leading her out into the hall. I let her take over since I didn’t know which room was hers. When she stopped in front of her suite, I slipped my arms around her waist and yanked her back against me. “If you don’t want me to fuck you in every imaginable way, to spend all night making you scream, to ride you so hard you can feel me with every step you take tomorrow, you’d better tell me now. Because once we walk through those doors. You. Are. Mine.”

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