Slowly, I turned her in the circle of my arms. “What’s your bet, sweetheart?”

Chapter 3


Taking risks was an everyday thing for me, at least it had been ever since I entered the world of competitive poker. But only ever with cards. With money. Never with guys. The way I lived my life wasn’t ideal when it came to my dating life, which was non-existent. Most of my opportunities were flings, and I just wasn’t the one-night stand kind of girl. At least I hadn’t been until now. Until Becket.

The chemistry between us was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. The pull I felt to him was too strong to resist, so I wasn’t even going to bother trying. Staring up at his gorgeous face, I slid my hand into my purse and pulled out my room keycard. The desire in his dark eyes flared hotter as he snagged it from my fingers and waved it in front of the proximity sensor above the knob. When the light turned green, he yanked the door open and waited for me to go inside before following behind me, but he didn’t let me get far. As soon as the door closed behind us, he twirled me around and pressed my back against the hard surface.

“I warned you what’d happen if you let me in your room,” he rumbled against my lips before claiming them in a deep kiss. His tongue tangled with mine until I was breathless, and he nipped my bottom lip before lifting his head. “And now I want to taste what’s mine.”

I let out a little squeak of surprise when he hooked an arm under my leg and wrapped it around his hip. My skirt rode up high on my thigh, and the position bared the gusset of my panties to him. He slipped his hand inside and pressed his palm against my core. “Judging by how wet you are for me; I think you want my mouth on you as much as I do.”

His hand was so hot against me, and it only made me wetter. “I’m pretty sure I want it more than you since I’ll be the one to get an orgasm out of it.”

“Trust me, sweetheart. I’m going to get as much pleasure out of this as you are,” he whispered into my ear before dropping to his knees and pushing my skirt even higher. I wiggled my hips to help when he pulled my panties down, and kicked them away when they fell to my ankles. Becket lifted one of my legs over his shoulder, and gave my pussy one long lick up to my clit. I moaned and pressed harder against the door while reaching a hand out to grip his head. He lapped at me, with gentle bites at my clit every once in a while, until my hips were thrusting up to meet his tongue. Then he sunk a finger inside me up to the knuckle and it made my head spin.

With his mouth devouring me and his hold on me the only thing keeping me from falling, I gave myself up to the pleasure. Letting my head lean back against the door, I closed my eyes and whimpered in need when he pulled his mouth from me to command, “Eyes on me, sweetheart. I want to see you come.”

He kept his dark gaze on my face as he lowered his head again to flick at my clit. One finger became two, and he twisted his wrist until he found the angle that gave me the most pleasure. He drove me higher and higher, until I broke and cried out his name as I came. “Becket! Oh my God!”

“I told you I’d make you scream.”

“You did.” My voice was shaky, but I still tried for a hint of sass when I continued, “I could swear I remember you saying something about those screams lasting all night long, though.”

“True.” He slid his hands under my ass and boosted me up until I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Now that I’ve gotten a taste of you, I want a hell of a lot more. But orgasm number two’s not going to happen until my cock is deep inside your pussy.”

I held on tight while he stalked into the bedroom. He carried me to the bed and dumped me in the middle, following me down after he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He pushed his legs against my thighs and settled between them. With his palms pressed into the mattress on both sides of my body, he stared down at me. “I can’t wait to feel that tight, wet heat wrapped around my cock.”

“Don’t wait,” I urged, untucking his shirt so I could get my hands on his bare chest. “I want to feel you inside me.”