“You’re going to be hell on my control, aren’t you, sweetheart.”

I bent my legs, widening my stance so I could push his pants down a little. “You can bet I’m going to try my hardest because I like the idea of making you lose control.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Lia.” He lined himself up at my entrance. “Because I’m about to give you exactly what you asked for.”

That was all the warning he gave me before he pushed inside me with one powerful thrust. I tried to catch my breath as he held still, but it’d been a long time since my failed attempt at sex. Becket’s dick was stretching me well past the point of uncomfortable. I sank my nails into his butt cheeks and whimpered, “Don’t move. I need a minute to adjust.”

“Damn, sweetheart. You’re so fucking tight,” he groaned.

“Yeah,” I panted. “And you’re so fucking big.”

He leaned his weight onto one hand and used the other to strip off both our shirts and my bra, all while he stayed buried deep inside me. His thumb swept across my pebbled nipple while he began to trail kisses along my jawline and down my neck. When he made it to my collarbone, my pussy walls slickened more and my tight hold on his hard length eased a little. I wiggled my hips and moaned as his dick rubbed against my inner walls.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Let me give you what you need so I can hear you scream my name again.” I felt his hot breath against my skin as he urged me on, and then his lips wrapped around my nipple and any hint of pain was gone. All I felt was intense pleasure and need. His hips started to move, and I felt every hard inch of his cock as it dragged in and out of me. Over and over again until my body was drawn tight and my cries echoed against the walls.

He built it in me and drove me over the edge two more times before his body stiffened above and his roar of completion joined mine. It felt like we’d been at it for hours, and I collapsed against the mattress in an exhausted heap. I was barely able to keep my eyes open as Becket stripped me out of my skirt and heels before he left the bed. By the time he returned from the bathroom to clean me up, I was sound asleep…but not for long.

Becket hadn’t been joking about fucking me in every way imaginable—if anything he’d been understating his plans for me. When I woke up, my throat was a little sore from screaming all night, and I felt him before I even opened my eyes.

“Morning,” I rasped when he pulled me close to his chest after I rolled over towards him.

“Morning, sweetheart.” He pressed a kiss to the top of my head, and it felt so natural to cuddle into him. It was like we’d done this for years instead of being the first time. “What do you have planned for today?”

“Not much. I’ll probably hit the treadmill in the gym, do some shopping”—I tilted my head back to smile up at him—“and maybe hit up a certain blackjack table if my favorite dealer is working today.”

“Unfortunately, your favorite blackjack dealer will in fact be there.” I felt his chest move as he sighed. “Although I’d like nothing better than to stay in this suite with you all day, I don’t want to leave them down a dealer with such short notice.”

I really liked that he didn’t let his money get in the way of his work ethic. It said a lot about the kind of man he was, and all of it was good. “Then I guess I know what I’ll be doing when I’m done shopping.”

He gently brushed his lips across mine. “If you want to put off your shopping trip until later, I’d love to take you.”

He might’ve been offering to walk around the stores with me, but I had a feeling that wasn’t what he meant. Considering how much he had to be worth since he owned a hotel and casino, I figured he’d run into the same issues in the past as I had sometimes—especially since I had the impression that he hadn’t planned to clue me in on that bit of information right away. I also realized I hadn’t given him many details about my past and how I got where I was today. Perhaps it was my turn to be honest about my background. “If you want to come shopping with me for fun, I’ll definitely take you up on that offer. But I didn’t bring it up because I was angling for anything from you. Much to the surprise of my family, I make extremely good money on the circuit. Enough that I’ve doubled the trust fund my grandparents left me in the two years I’ve been playing professionally.”

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