Chapter 4


I raised my brows in surprise at Lia’s statement. “I wouldn’t have pegged you as a trust fund baby.” It didn’t bother me, I was simply taken aback because she was so down to earth and humble, while still being confident. With every minute I spent with her, I was more and more convinced that she was the one. She was it for me.

Lia leaned up on her elbow and shook her head, making her waterfall of silky hair brush over my chest, causing a tightening in my groin. Damn, I didn’t know how my cock had the strength to get hard after we’d basically fucked each other into a coma last night.

“I’m not. Not really. Growing up, I was normal middle-class, the stereotypical American Dream. My parents were high-school sweethearts who got married while they were in college. They got good jobs, bought a house in a nice, but affordable suburb, had two-point-five kids and a dog.”

“Two-point-five?” I asked with a chuckle.

Lia smiled and rolled on top of me, resting her chin on her hands that were folded on my chest. My cock swelled but I held myself in check because, while I intended to explore every inch of Lia’s delicious body, I also wanted to know everything about her.

“My baby sister is like five-foot-nothing. So, we’ve always teased her about being the point five.” She tapped her chin with a slender finger, a thoughtful expression on her face. “We didn’t have a white picket fence though.”

“A bunch of rebels, huh?” I teased. I was rewarded with her musical laughter. It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard, and I silently promised myself that I would hear it every day for the rest of our lives.

“Well, no one’s perfect,” she sighed.

“I don’t know about that,” I said as I reached out and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Her cheeks tinged with a sweet pink blush before she laughed and shook her head.

“Anyway, I was really close with my grandparents. My grandfather was the one who taught me how to play poker. He used to sneak me into the casinos before I even turned twenty-one”—her face took on a soft expression as she reminisced—“he never let me play, but I would observe and he often asked for my advice.”

Her smile turned a little sad when she continued, “Both of my grandparents passed a few weeks before my twenty-first birthday. I was shocked when I learned they’d left me a trust fund. The day I turned twenty-one, I entered my first tournament in memory of my grandfather and won.” Her expression lifted, and she beamed at me. “I was hooked. Plus, I feel like every time I play, he’s right there with me.” Lia bit her bottom lip and I gently tugged it from between her teeth, soothing the pink spot with my thumb. “Seems like I’ve done nothing but talk about myself. You must be ready for me to shut up.” She mimed zipping her lips.

“Absolutely not,” I told her honestly. “I want to know everything about you, sweetheart.” Quick as a cat, I flipped us over so she was on her back and my body was blanketing hers. “Besides, if I wanted to shut you up, I’d do it this way.” I swooped down and captured her lips, kissing her deeply. It heated up fast, our tongues tangling and our bodies rubbing together restlessly.

The alarm on my watch beeped and I growled in frustration. Then Lia whimpered, and I forgot all about the time. My hands explored her body as my mouth ravished hers. Her legs parted and I slipped inside her hot, tight pussy. “Fuck,” I gasped. “I could live inside you, Lia.”

A small cry escaped her lips when I pulled back before driving in fast and hard until I was buried to the root. “Becket! Don’t stop!”

“Never,” I growled. I started wildly pounding in and out of her, too desperate to have any finesse. “Come on my cock, baby. I want to feel you come undone.”

Lia threw her head back and screamed my name as she came. I kept up my pace, dragging out her orgasm as long as possible. Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I thrust in one last time before letting myself follow her over the ledge. “Fuck, yes,” I groaned as I emptied everything I had inside her.

I rolled to the side, bringing her with me and we cuddled close as our bodies recovered. My phone chirped with a text message and it reminded me that I had a shift to get to. I buried my face in her lustrous hair and inhaled deeply. I fucking loved her scent. She smelled like apples and vanilla, it was mouthwatering.

“I have to get going, sweetheart. How about I pick you up here after I get off at two and we’ll wander the shops?”