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“Christ, you mean it, don’t you?” He pulls back slightly to search my expression. “You’re going to let me pop your cherry.”

“Yes.” I grind against his bulge, making myself wetter. “Pop it for me, Daws.”

One of his hands leaves my bottom and starts to wrestle frantically with the fly of his jeans. “Thank you, God. Thank you.”

He’s breathing like a stallion after a race and maybe, just maybe, teasing is a hobby I should consider, because there is something intoxicating about how overwrought he is with hunger. How he’s so horny for me that he’s sweating, even in the February air.

I hear the zing of his zipper coming down and there it is. His fat, greedy meat is between my thighs, guided by his fist. “Goddammit, Parker. You shouldn’t be fucked like this your first time, but I’m not going to wait and risk you changing your mind.” My thong is yanked to the side and then he’s shoving himself inside my drenched sex, grunting and groaning, squeezing his wide, rigid manhood between my clenching virgin walls, pausing only when there’s a tear inside me and I gasp at the sharp jab of momentary discomfort.

“Hurts,” I sob, testing our connection with little circles of my hips, searching for a comfortable position. “You feel so huge. Like you’re ready to burst.”

“I am. I’m ready to blow you sky high. Fuck. Don’t move,” he pants, his grip bruising on my ass to keep me still. “Don’t move that tight little pussy one inch or I’m done.”

“But it’s starting to feel better,” I moan, trying to roll my lower body. “It feels good.”

“I’m not even halfway in yet, pretty baby.” He’s caught in a permanent wince. “Jesus Christ, my fucking balls. I’m not going to be able to hold them off.”

“But…” I kiss his perspiring neck. “You’re not wearing a condom.”

A shudder wracks his massive frame. “Ah, Parker. Baby. Please don’t make me pull out,” he begs through clenched teeth. “Please.”

Wickedness wells up inside me. I have no idea where it comes from, but it makes me feel achy, wild, sexy. Like a temptation. “If you make me come, you don’t have to pull out.”

He stumbles a few steps, chest heaving. “Cruel girl,” he rasps against my mouth, the admonishment making moisture run down my thighs. “Cruel, beautiful…”—he rams the remaining inches into me—“…tight little girl.”

More discomfort starts to grip me, but I’m distracted by a jogger coming toward us. They’re about a hundred yards away, but at the pace they’re running, they’ll reach us in no time. “D-Daws…” I tap on his shoulder. “There’s s-someone.”

He goes dangerously still. “Is it a man?”

I try to focus, squinting into the distance. “No. Woman.”

Some of the tension leaves him. “I’d have killed a man for getting this close while your pussy is out.” He grips my backside and starts to ride me up and down the painfully thick length of his erection. “Flip up my collar and tuck your head into my neck.” I do as I’m told, burrowing my face into his perfect warmth and tightening my thighs around his pumping hips. “My coat hides the rest of you. Keep bouncing on that dick for me.”

It’s all so dirty and desperate, my teeth come out and sink into his neck. He grunts, but continues lifting me and slapping me back down on his lap, impaling me brutally. Perfectly.

“Daws, Daws, Daws,” I chant, gasping when a tweak of his hips brings my clit up against the wide, pulsing pedestal of his arousal. I cling to him like a life preserver in a storm and grind my hips up and back, moving faster than I ever knew I was capable of moving. “Oh yes, oh God!” I scream into his neck. “Daddy. Please.”

How can I call him anything else when he’s holding me like this, shielding me, introducing me to a whole new world? When he’s the master of my entire universe? The beginning and the end of my everything? He is making me, breaking me, bringing me to a place I didn’t know existed and I’m mindless with the need to get there, my clit tingling, my pelvis quickening, my muscles gathering together.

“You can’t call me that and expect me to last. Come on, you little prick tease,” he pants raggedly, his pinky sneaking just inside my back entrance and jiggling. “I can’t take it anymore. Can’t believe I get to put my load in this hot little pussy.” He pulls out his pinky and spanks me hard, his body starting to shake, telling me he’s reached his peak. “Put your cream on my dick, Parker. Please. Please.”

That hard slap of my buttocks loosens the knot inside me and I unravel. My brain knows I’m in the safest arms imaginable, but my body is in a never-ending spiral. There’s no bottom. I just continue to roll and roll and roll, end over end, through a field of pleasure, my femininity seizing up, my vocal cords aching from holding in a shriek.

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