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“You’ll last me for me, won’t you?” I whisper, straddling his lap, sliding forward until my softness presses to his erection and listening to his rough intake of breath. “I want to come while you’re inside me so deep, Daddy.”

Daws groans long and loud, turning his big body and throwing me down on the bed. His thick body flattens me, stealing my breath with its weight. I love this part. Watching him fumble for his zipper, his face contorted in pain. We don’t role play very often. We don’t need to. Mostly I just love to call him the D word to remind him he’s in charge.

With a grunt, he drops his heavy cock out onto my stomach, the tip leaving a trail of moisture on my teddy. Our mouths lock together and we roll together on the bed, side to side, wrestling his shirt off as we kiss, my thighs opening in welcome.

Finally, my husband’s gloriously broad, hairy chest is on display and now it’s my turn to start panting. God. God, he’s the hottest man alive, all salt and pepper hair and weathered skin. Faded tattoos and a bullet hole in his shoulder. And a lifetime of desire banked in his eyes.

“You’re so sexy,” I murmur, dragging my fingernails down hard over his nipples.

His shaft jumps between my legs and he curses through clenched teeth.

Lord, he gets me wet. The thong is already plastered to my intimate flesh, a buzz of hunger riding up and down every inch of my skin. “Can I lick them?”

His swallow is audible. “Not if you want to come on my dick.”

“Shh…” I lever myself up and slide down slightly, putting my mouth on level with his left nipple. My tongue circles the dusky disc and he shudders, bucks his hips. “You can handle it.”

“I can’t. I can’t.”

Feeling wicked, loving how he’s pacing the edge of the cliff already, I close my teeth around the whole thing and bite down.

“FUCK! Parker.” He drags me back up the bed and shoves my thighs open. “My little cock tease wife is at it again, isn’t she?” My thong is yanked to the right and he spits on my sex—a hard, meant shot of saliva—before filling me with eight fat, glorious inches. “Ahhhh Jesus,” he says choppily, his neck losing power to drop his head forward. “Can’t believe I get to come in this pussy. Can’t believe I don’t have to use a condom. Still can’t fucking believe it.”

I slide my hands into the loosened back waistband of his trousers, grabbing as much of his beautiful beefy ass as I can. “Well I can’t believe all of this is mine.” My nails skewer his flesh and his shaft judders inside me, his breath coming in spurts. “All. Mine.” I clench the walls of my womanhood around his steel length. “This too.”

He falls on me like an animal, groaning into my neck, slamming into me five times before stopping, his frustration evident. “Have to stop. I’m going to bust. You’re doing it on purpose.”

“Doing what?”

“Being Parker. Being my perfect wife.” He bares his teeth against my ear. “Being a hot little fuck for Daddy.”

I gasp when his words make me clench involuntarily, my flesh starting to quicken.

“Yeah, that’s right, pretty baby. Two can play at this game.”

He rams himself deep and the headboard cracks against the wall. One, two, three thrusts. And moaning, both of us clawing at flesh, we have to stop. It’s too much. He’s too thick and I’m too tight and it’s always like this. We’re insatiable and it’s new every single time.

“Goddammit,” Daws rasps, wrapping a hand around my throat. “You’ve had my dick hard for eight motherfucking years. I can’t get enough. This obsession is permanent. Gets deeper every day. I’ll never get enough.”

“I’ll never get enough of you either, husband,” I gasp, willing him to tighten his hold on my throat—and he does. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he heaves, his hips beginning to roll again, involuntarily, his jaw slackening with pleasure. “Jesus, it’s happening. I can’t hold it. Come with me.”

And I do.

I’ll follow him anywhere. Forever.


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