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“Anything you want, Parker.”

Those four words, the gruff way he says my name, produce a slow tug between my legs. My breasts feel heavy, my nipples swollen. Needy. And all my reminders to stay professional can’t stop me from rubbing the square against his strong jaw, down his neck and into that forest of chest hair. “Do you like the way that feels?”

His eyes are closed. “Yes.”

Am I mistaken or did his hand edge toward my knee and stop?

“Are you sure?” Apparently I’ve turned into a shameless hussy. “M-maybe we should unbutton your shirt a little further and make sure the jersey doesn’t irritate your stomach?”

His eyes remain closed, but he shakes his head. “You don’t want to see that.”

“I’m going to have to see it eventually.”

The blue of his eyes is suddenly piercing mine.

I stutter through an explanation. “I’m basically going to be sewing you into this suit, Daws. You’ll have to be pretty close to naked and…oh God, I should have told you that upfront.” I chew on my lip. “You’re not going to back out, are you?”

“No, I just misunderstood.” He mutters something about wishful thinking under his breath. Then his blunt fingers move to the buttons of his shirt and start twisting them open, one by one. Reassured he isn’t going to desert me, I watch in breathless anticipation as he reveals the thick hill of his stomach, the whorl of hair around his belly button. There is extra weight there and I’ve never, ever wanted to rub my face in anything so badly. The downward trajectory of my gaze continues and—

He’s erect.

Not just erect, though.

He’s bulging against his fly, stretching the limits of the denim.

My own body reacts, turning me slick and hot, my skin flaming.

It’s easy to see that his sex is abundant as the rest of him. How long has he been like this?

“Wow,” I breathe. “I guess you really like the material.”



Parker is a cock tease.

I don’t even think she realizes it.

But I know she bent over a lot longer than necessary when she knelt down to find that book. I know she liked me checking out her tight, young ass. Those lithe, parted thighs and the tight-looking pussy in between. Now she’s damn near in my lap, rubbing my hairy chest, leaning so close I can see the outlines of her hard nipples.

I’ve got your number, Nebraska.

She’s as sweet as they come, but this has to be an undiscovered kink. She has enticed the desperate, horny, heavy man into her web, now she’s going to torment him with her sexy body until he bursts. A little more of this torture and I’m going to come in my pants.

Would she get off on that?

Yeah, I bet she would.

Bet she’d cream in that little yellow thong.

I can’t be mad at her for teasing me, though. It’s obvious she’s innocently discovering this specific sexual preference minute by minute. Second by second. It’s not me that turns her on—it’s the game. And I have no choice but to let it play out. I couldn’t put distance between me and this little blonde wonder if I tried. She’s fucking gorgeous, talented, guileless. So if she wants to tickle my dick until the seed blasts out, that’s what she’s going to get.

“Wow,” she says on an exhale. “I guess you really like the material.”

This is the other thing. She makes me laugh. Makes my chest feel tight.

I like her on top of wishing I could fuck her brains out.

And love. Love is creeping in quickly and I can’t help it. When she looked up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and told me she trusted me, I knew I’d protect her my whole life. If she lets me be around her in any capacity, I’ll take it like a grateful beggar.

Cherish her. Keep her safe.

I’ll be the one who caters to this naughty kink of hers, too.

Make me miserable, baby. Do it. Flaunt that pussy until my balls give up the fight.

“I should, um…take some measurements, so I can get started sketching.” Parker surprises me by bounding off the couch, turning a few nervous circles, and darting for a tape measure. “Would it be…uncomfortable? If I asked you to stand up?”

If she’s going to pretend my discomfort isn’t exactly what she wants, I’ll play the game. “No.” Wincing at the unbelievable pressure in my cock, I stand up, forcing Parker to tilt her head back to keep eye contact. And our substantial size difference causes an unwelcome thought. “If I wanted to overpower you right now, it would be very easy, Parker. Don’t ever do something like this again. Do you understand me? You shouldn’t have brought me somewhere alone.”

She’s already nodding. “I wouldn’t, Daws. I would only do this with you. I can’t explain how I knew it would be all right.”

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