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“It will be all right,” I say firmly. “It’ll always be all right with me. Just be careful, please, Nebraska. You’re special.”

Her features soften and the tape measure unfurls, rolling out in a yellow line on the ground. “You’re special, too.”

My goddamn heart is involved. There’s no denying it. This girl is going to rip me to shreds and I’m going to let her. I nod once, the knot in my jugular preventing me from speaking.

Parker comes closer and starts measuring, returning each time to make a note in the margins of her sketchpad. She wraps the measure around my biceps, my chest, my waist, and while I just want to enjoy her nimble touch and her arms encircling me, my cock is pounding, demanding all of my attention. Her wildflower scent, the way she chews her lip, her soft exclamations over my mammoth measurements, have precome coating the head of my cock, have my abdomen in a pretzel.

If I were a bad man, if she wasn’t such a fucking treasure, I would just drag her to the couch. Rip that skirt down her legs, unzip my pants and steal that virginity like a dirty thief. It would be over in five seconds, too, I’m so hard up for that pussy. No way I could last.

No way.

A couple of pumps, tops, and I’d come like a freight train.

My thoughts take an even darker turn when Parker goes down on her knees in front of me, her wide, curious eyes traveling the length of my hard-on. “I, um…I have to measure your inseam,” she whispers, licking her lips.

More teasing.

And this is going to be the worst of it.

I’ve been measured for a suit before and I know how close her hands are about to come to my balls. My upper lip starts to sweat as she stretches out the tape, inching closer on her knees, putting her in the perfect position to suck my dick. That’s what she wants me to be thinking about, isn’t it? That maybe, just maybe, I’ll get lucky and she’ll give it a kiss.

I’d pay her.

I’ve never even considered paying to get off before, but I’d pay Parker everything in my bank account for a hand job. I won’t cheapen her by making the offer, but I think it all the same. I think of how her little hand would look wrapped around my fat cock, how it would give three tugs and I’d come harder than I ever have in my life.

Maybe if I paid her enough, she’d let me release on her tits.

Oh fuck, don’t think of that. Do not.

You’ll come.

Parker slides the tape up my inner thigh and I hold my breath, letting it out on a ragged groan when her knuckles nudge my aching ball sack. “Sweet fucking Christ,” I choke out, perspiration sliding down my spine. “Hurry and finish.”

I look down in time to watch her eyes glaze, her chest expands.

Then she rubs her knuckles, twisting them on the underside of my balls.

“I bet your suits are uncomfortable here, too,” she whispers, her tits quivering up and down. “You need so much room for these.”

“Fuck!” I bark, gripping my dick to keep it from erupting. I have no choice but to dislodge her hand and truck it toward the bathroom. Or what I assume is the bathroom, anyway, just off the main design floor. As I push inside and elbow the door closed, I’m practically blind with the need to relieve the pressure in my johnson. There in the dark, enclosed space, I rip down my zipper and start to jerk off. Grunting, straining. I can’t help it. I can’t stop. I think of Parker on her knees, deep throating me…

And then she walks into the bathroom. I belatedly realize I didn’t lock the door and there’s no pretending now. I’ve got my cock in my hand and I’m beating it in her honor.

“Enough,” I grit out, miserable, trapped in the ache. “I can’t take any more.”

She turns on the dim light and sucks in a breath, her cheeks flushing with pleasure.

“Yeah.” I tilt my hips crudely. “You love seeing what your teasing did to me, don’t you?”

“Teasing?” Parker echoes breathlessly, her brow knitting slightly. “I didn’t mean to.”

Right. My laugh is humorless. Pained.

She comes closer, hesitating about a foot away. “Can I…do anything to help?”

Parker might be a cock tease, but she’s a merciful one. Thank God. “Let me see your tits,” I say, my tone unrecognizable. Hopeful and depraved all at once. “Please.”

This perfect girl, she’s already unbuttoning her blouse, her eyes riveted on the dick I’m strangling in my grip. Tugging on shamefully. She pulls the sides of her top open, revealing a silky white bra, her breasts swelling over the cups. And that, Jesus…that is enough to make me come, but I hold off, because she’s even more generous than I hoped.

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