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She reaches back and unbuttons the bra. It loosens and falls to the ground.

I start panting, my ball sack tightening ominously.

They’re a work of art, just like the rest of her. High and full, tipped with rosy, puckered nipples. They’re the tits men bookmark on the internet so they can jack off looking at them over and over again. Young, succulent, out of my league tits. “Ah Jesus,” I groan, moisture beading once, twice, three times on the head of my cock. “Will you just tell me…how you wash them in the shower?”

I know I’m pushing it here.

She’s already given me more than enough, but I’m probably never going to get this chance again and I can’t stop myself from taking advantage.

When she starts talking, I try to quiet my ragged breathing to hear. “I lather up my hands with my violet soap and…” She cups them, massaging gently. “I do this.”

My back hits the wall, my hips jerking involuntarily. My hand is moving in a fucking blur now, rifling up and down my engorged dick and I can’t take my gaze off her methodical movements. She starts to sway her hips side to side, her lips parting, swollen, a whimper leaving her when she pinches her nipples. “Show me the ass now,” I say choppily, selfishly pushing it even further. “Please, you beautiful little thing. Just a peek.”

Her excitement is palpable as she turns around.

I expect her to lift the hem, show me just enough cheek to knock me off the cliff.

I never expect her skirt to drop.

And there she is, naked except for high heels and a thong—and I come all over the floor.

My roar of agony, pleasure, relief is broken and animalistic. White ropes fire off from my tip. I try to control where they land, but there’s no controlling this orgasm. It’s alive, it’s got a mind of its own, because Parker caused it. I come and come until there’s a puddle on the floor, my eyes roaming desperately over the delicious crack of her ass, the taut slope of her cheeks, the side profile of her firm tits. I’ll never have it better than this.

When I’m finally finished, I try to get myself together as quickly as possible. Breathing still labored, sweat dotting my brow, I zip back into my jeans. “Fuck, Parker. I’m…thank you.” I swallow with an effort. “You’re so goddamn beautiful—”

She turns.

The need in her eyes rocks me.

Swear to God, it’s like she can barely stand the state she’s in. Her hands are agitated in her hair, stroking down over her tits and squeezing. Watching me lose my shit over her must have gotten her worked up. Yeah. That thong is soaked, clinging to her skin, and I can see the untouched valley of her pussy. I have to grit my teeth to keep from lunging for it. Just for a sniff. Just to rub my face on it through her underwear. “Daws? I…I need you.”

My favorite four words in the English language.

I already decided that back in Mulloy’s.

Every time she says it, I can’t believe I heard her right.


No way she’d let me eat her pussy.

“What do you need?”

“I’m turned on. I-I think that’s what this is. It’s never been this…intense.”

Her breathless confession rouses my cock, puts it on the road to stiffening again. Parker’s newly discovered kink is doing a number on her. I damn well know it. But maybe I want to pretend she could actually want me. Just for a night. So I don’t tell her it’s the teasing working her up. Not me. “Say the word, Parker,” I growl, “and I’ll lick you straight off.”

Those hazel eyes light up. “Really?”

Her surprise is confusing, but I’m too focused on not letting the window of opportunity close. So I take one step and throw her over my shoulder, marching into the design room.

I’ll tongue fuck her right. I’ll do it so well, she’ll come knocking on my door for it. Any hour of the day, any time of night, I’ll be her permanent pussy eater. Now this has to be the best I can hope for with Parker. When we walked into this place, the best I was hoping for was to spend time around her. This is like winning the lottery three times in a row.

No. It’s way better.

I park her ass on the edge of a long table. “Lift your hips,” I rasp—and she does, allowing me to peel the thong down her legs, letting it drop.

Completely naked now, she’s golden, eager. A virgin angel. And she’s shy, hesitant to let me spread her thighs. So shy it makes me hotter. I almost have to take my cock back out, just to give it space to grow. “Can’t lick your pussy if you don’t let me see, pretty baby.” I kneel, kiss each of her knees in turn, before trying again to pry them open. This time, she lets me and there it is.

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