“And you went to this party.”

“By ‘went’ I mean I went and promptly changed my mind. I’m claustrophobic.” Or I am after seeing that.

“Right.” She sets her cup down. “I didn’t get home until one in the morning.” She lets out a fake yawn. Crap. There it is.

“And up so early making breakfast?” I take another bite of my eggs. “A really good one too. The best.” She narrows her eyes on me, but I keep eating.

“Spill it,” she orders when I don’t break under her stare.

“Of course I can take you on a walk, Moose.” I start to get up from my chair, but she stops me with a look.

“You sit that ass back down in the chair, sugar.” I do as she says and take my seat. “I saw him leaving. He was all smiles as he headed out of his place at the exact time I was coming home.”

“It is his place,” I point out. “He had to get some files.”

“That’s funny because he wasn’t carrying anything when he left.”

“I guess he forgot them?” He said he was coming by for them and it’s possible he really had forgotten them. It was late and I hope it’s not something he might need.

“So he popped in to grab some files really quick and then didn’t grab them?”

“Are you a cop or something?”

Grams chuckles. “I would have made a damn fine one.”

“I have no doubt about that.” I pick up my now empty plate and carry it over to the dishwasher.

“Fine. If you don’t want to talk about it I can wait.” She lets out the longest sigh in history, letting me know she doesn’t really want to wait.

“How’s the spare room coming along?” I change the subject, unsure if I want to talk about Devin to anyone. It’s so new and I don’t know what’s happening. I just know I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

“A work in progress.” Sounds a lot like my life.

“What are you doing in there? It’s a bedroom, don’t you throw some paint up and add an area rug?”

“You know me.” She shrugs as she stands to put her cup in the dishwasher.

“Yeah, I know you. You like to get things done and get them done yesterday.” I look toward the hallway.

“Greatness can’t be rushed.”

“So you’re not going to show me?”

“Nope. It’s a mess in there with dust everywhere. Nails and whatnot thrown around. These workers are a hot mess.” She wiggles her eyebrows, making me laugh.

“Fine.” I grab my cup and finish off my coffee. “I’m taking Moose for another walk. It’s nice out.”

“Have fun. Those workers should be here soon and I’m going to whip them into shape.”

“Are they always this late?” I put Moose’s leash on him.

“Are you a cop now?”

I look back to the hallway and wonder what the hell is going on in that guest room. “Maybe it’s better I don’t know what’s going on in there.” I kiss Grams on the cheek before taking Moose out.

I take my jacket off when I get outside because it’s so nice out. I walk toward the park but don’t venture too far, knowing Moose is only here to do his business and get back home to his doggie bed. I moved it over to Devin’s this morning while Grams made us breakfast.

“Are you ready to see your new home?” I pet his head. “We need to brush you.” I know Devin said Moose could come over, but I’m not sure he knows what he’s getting into. Moose isn’t a lap dog, even if he thinks he is. He’s not too far from outweighing me and he sheds more hair in one day than I could in my whole life. Maybe I should have told Devin those things too.

The doorman holds the door open for me as we enter the building. “I’m Erin.” I introduce myself and then point to my dog. “And this big guy is Moose.”

“Carol.” He takes my hand and shakes it. “You’re Betty’s granddaughter.” He gives Moose a pet on top of his head and smiles.

“The one and only.” His eyes wrinkle around the sides and I like how kind he looks.

“She’s a gem. She brings this building to life.”

“I have no doubt,” I laugh, stepping inside so he can let go of the door. “I was meaning to ask, I heard there’s an empty apartment here available for rental? Is there a chance I can steal a peek?” I know Devin said he’d show me, but he’s a busy man. I’m not going to ask Grams because it might get her hopes up.

Carol gives me a confused look. “No, not that I’m aware of. When a spot opens up the next person on the waitlist is contacted.”

“Waitlist? This place is that popular?” Damn. It is breathtaking and in a great location, so I get it.

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