Erin came out of nowhere but it’s like I’ve known her for much longer. Something about her calls to me and I can’t stop thinking about her. All day my only thought was seeing her again, and the second I see her all I want to do is kiss her.

Her lips are so soft and she tastes like vanilla. Her hair smells like sweet lavender, and I’m surrounded by her essence. There’s nothing on her I don’t want to explore, and as I move her hand over her hip I cup her breast.

“Is this okay?” My voice is low and even I can hear the desperate need.

She hums and nods as she arches her back, pushing her breast more into my hand.

I don’t want to go too fast, but fuck, I want more. I trace the edge of the neckline on her dress and slowly pull it down. The swell of her breast pushes against the soft pink material, and I watch to see if her nipples match.

When one peeks out, I graze my fingertip across the little nub of her nipple and she makes the sweetest sound. “Look at how pretty you are.” I brush her nipple again and it tightens under my touch.

“Devin,” she whines and grabs my wrist.

“Do you want me to stop?” I look in her eyes, and she shakes her head.

“I don’t know what I want.”

“Close your eyes,” I whisper, and for a second, she hesitates. “Let me take care of you.”

When she does it, I lean in and kiss her closed eyes, then her cheek and down her neck. I move lower so when my finger grazes her nipple again, my mouth is right there. Her breath catches in her throat as I gently glide my tongue over the tight bud to taste her. I feel her thigh move higher and I use my other hand to push her dress up so I can feel her bare skin.

She’s breathy as I suck on her nipple and trace the curve of her hip. When I feel the edge of her panties, I don’t try and move them out of the way but rub my knuckle over her mound where she’s already damp.

Her heat has me sucking harder, and she cries out at the same time she pushes her hips forward. This time I use the pads of my fingers to rub her cotton-covered pussy. The material is so wet now that I can feel her clit though it, but I don’t move it aside. I’m only so strong right now and my needs aren’t the most pressing. What I want more than anything right now is to give her body what it’s craving.

I pull my fingers away and she whines. “Shhh,” I soothe as I put the fingers in my mouth and suck on them. I can taste her pussy and smell her desire, and fuck, it’s sweeter than I thought possible.

When I put my wet fingers back on her, she grinds against them and I smile around the breast in my mouth.

“Devin,” she moans, and before I can stop myself, I flip her on her back.

Hearing my name on her lips as her body gets closer to climax makes me a fucking animal. It’s as if she’s just given me permission to take what I want, and I have no choice but to follow my instincts. In one smooth motion I pull the panties aside, shove two fingers in her wet pussy, and use my thumb to rub her clit.

She surprises the both of us when she cums instantly and I lean back to watch her fall apart. The flush of her cheeks goes all the way down to her rosy nipples that have spilled out of the top of her dress. The bottom half is rucked up around her waist, and I can see the pink of her pussy lips sucking in my fingers as she cums all over them.

Her panties are shoved to the side, revealing all of her secrets to me, and I lick my lips, hungry to taste her. I’m not strong enough to stop myself, so I lean down and ever so gently flatten my tongue over her clit and lick.

She cries out again, and I can feel her pulse around my fingers as I lap at her cream. She’s fresh as new-fallen snow and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stop. I lick and lick while I move my fingers inside of her, feeling her tight heat surround me.

Her hands play with my hair as I keep tasting her pussy, and now there’s no rush to stop. I’m enjoying her like I would a fine meal and lazily sucking on her lips. Is this what heaven is like?

A knock on the door startles Erin, and she tries to sit up. Without thinking, I hold her down and nearly growl at her attempt to take her pussy away from me. I blink a few times, realizing I was in some kind of pussy-induced trance and decide I need to stop before this goes any further.

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